A Prayer For You and Me

I have been meaning to pen down this prayer since last year but will all the excuses I have up my sleeve, I failed to do so. This morning while on board the train on my way to work, I put back my phone inside my bag and took the notebook and pen that I brought along with me and finally penned it down.

Here it is, a prayer for you and me...



I don't need to see a beggar digging for a food in a rubbish bin
to be grateful to You for the food I eat

I don't need to see a homeless person
to be grateful to You for giving me a roof above my head

I don't need to get sick first
to be grateful to You when I am in the pink of health

I don't need to see a child struggling from an illness
to be grateful to You for my healthy children

I don't need to see a blind man
to be grateful to You for my healthy pair of eyes

I don't need to suffer from haze
to be grateful to You for the gift of fresh air

I don't need to experience blackout
to be grateful to You for the gift of light

I don't need to see a person on a wheelchair
to be grateful to You that I can walk unassisted and able to go anywhere

I don't need see a jobless person struggling
to be grateful to You for providing me a source of income

I ask these in Jesus name,

Kindly add your similar prayer in the comment box.


  1. Thanks for this beautiful prayer sis.

    I always thanks God for the food we have on the table and I pray that other people may have food on their table as well.

  2. A prayer of compassion. God always listen to such prayer. My prayer is for my wound to completely be healed. Almost 4 months na ito.

  3. What a lovely prayer to say everyday and a great praise for the Lord who has provided everything we need.

  4. This is indeed a touching and very inspiring prayer.

    I always thanked God for this day,
    I thanked Him for all the blessings He has given us.
    For always guiding and protecting Us and for keeping us safe and unharmed.
    I thanked Him for taking care of my parents and keeping them healthy.
    I pray for peace of mind,
    to put out all of my worries and anxiety.
    and be more humble and less cynic.
    But mostly, I do pray for people who are in dire need of help.
    May they hear His voice and trust in Him always,

  5. I pray that homeless people will find shelter especially that winter is very brutally bone chilling old here in Western New York in Jesus name Amen.

  6. This is a wonderful poem. Thank you for sharing this, Ate.

    Everyday, before I go to sleep and before I start my day, I always make a prayer of thanks. Thankful for the life I was able to witness, for the experiences and thankful for the amazing people around me.