After The Rain

I used to be so crazy enthusiastic about photography to the point that I bought my own DLSR and even went to the extent of buying zoom lens and macro lens. The enthusiasm died down after I gave birth to my second child because with a baby who is always hungry for my undivided attention, I can't find the time to pursue my hobby.

Me thinks, should I go back being a shutterbug now that he has started going to school?

For a start, let me find some inspiration from my archive.

I shall call this collection, After The Rain.

Which image do you love most? 


  1. omg! i didn't know you love photography that much.
    pls don't make me choose,
    I love all of them! !!! just notice those exclamation marks. ^0^
    I wish you'll find time to tinker your camera and do loads and tons of macro shots!
    because sans doubt, they all look picture perfect to me!

  2. WOW!!!! Hope you find time for photography again.

  3. I suddenly miss my slr after seeing your beautiful photos. So fresh and vibrant, it also made me love nature even more.. :)

  4. I love them all! My addiction died down when yours did I think LOL.