Favourite Moments From Our Penang Weekend Getaway

That moment when...

  • K was very excited! It's our very first vacation as a family outside Singapore and the Philippines. It turned out to be very memorable and it was followed by many travel getaways after.

  •  When we reached The Temple of Supreme Bliss. The long and winding staircase is so worth the climb!

  • We are at The Garden of Eden. Nah! It was at the breathtakingly beautiful garden at Penang Butterfly Farm.

  • K and the hubby turned 5 shades darker. Just meant they had too much fun under the sun. 

  • I get some alone time and read one of my favourite books under the shade of a palm tree with gentle sea breeze and stunning beach views right in front of me while K and the hubby are swimming in the pool. #bestmomMEtimeever!

  • We first attempted a family jump shot. Epic fail but we had so much fun jumping again and again and re-setting the camera timer many times over.

  • K blissfully swims at the hotel pool.

  • We managed to catch the sunset in the beach, strolled barefooted and had our very first family beach photo opp.

  • M and K are watching a cartoon movie together. It's one of their favourite bonding time!

  • It's past bedtime and we decided to check out the beach at night. Pretty sums up how we love Penang and how we enjoyed our stay, completed by my signature gummy smile and K's sun-burnt skin. 

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  1. Looks like you guys really enjoyed a lot! :) I am looking forward to my next vacation - hopefully one before we plan for another baby lol!