Favourite Moments From Our Bintan Island Escapade

That moment when...

  • K can't wait to board the ferry. It's another new experience for her and she's extremely excited.

  • We finally stepped foot at Bintan Island, also known as the "Pirate Island". That's the huge statue of an eagle known as Garuda behind us. (Trivia: ‘Garuda’ finds mention in the Indian Mythology, where it is name of an eagle which was used as a vehicle for transporting Vishnu-the God who preserves.)

  • K found a Holy Bible in our hotel room and she took delight in browsing it's pages. It made me thankful for catechism class.

  • We were welcomed by a beautiful well-manicured lawn when we stepped out of our room's balcony. 

  • We found a perfect spot to do an instant DIY family outdoor photo shoot. 

  • Our water baby is having so much fun in the pool with her dad.

  • I found some quiet mommy time just loungin' and chillin' by the pool.

  • We spotted a beautiful orange butterfly on our way to the beach. 

  • K was being mesmerized by the sea. 

  • We stopped and "smell the roses".

  • Hubby picked a wildflower for me.

  • We had a delightful dinner at Kopi-O Steamboat and Grill Restaurant.

  • We rested at the lobby after dinner while being serenaded by a local band.

  • We had a buffet breakfast with a breath of fresh air and stunning vista.

  • K is having so much fun in the swimming pool slide.

  • The bad weather couldn't stop K from having beach fun.

  • Their smiles never fail to fill my heart with gratitude that they were born for me. 


  1. like me, my sis and I like to reminisce on our previous travels.
    ang cute, cute, cute ni K. there I said it! ^0^
    and of course, both you and hubby looked photogenic as ever.

  2. how cool and what a fun family escapade!

  3. Those amazing photos speak for themselves. You have a grand time at Bintan Island.

  4. Love the combination of your genes, you have beautiful kids. You are so blessed with everything especially family!

  5. That was fun! The smiles on your faces indicate that you really had a blast at Bintan Island. Where is it located, by the way?