Head for an Organic Pillow

I don't know about you but after a long day there's nothing I look forward to more than jumping into a freshly made bed and drifting off to the land of nod. When you think about it we spend a huge amount of our time in bed yet the bedroom is often one of the rooms which we opt to spend the least money on (except for the flat screen TV of course). In the kids room we tend to spend the bulk of our money on storage solutions and convenience whilst often overlooking the most important part of the bedroom… The bed!

Have you ever stopped and wondered how many times you breathe in and out during the day? Most of us take between 600 and 900 breaths every hour so if you sleep for 7 to 8 hours on an average night then you'll be taking about 6000 breaths with your head on your pillow.

So the question is whether your current pillow is good for your health. Many children have skin complaints and or asthma/breathing difficulties, and it can be hard to diagnose what the cause is. It's not always the first thing that comes to people's minds but your children spend about a third of their day with their head on a pillow which may be swimming with toxins from the manufacturing process. Chemical sensitivity is an increasing reality in our hyper exposed chemical world. Chemical sensitivity reactions can strike at any time and may not be a direct result of large exposure to one toxin that can be the result of repeated exposure to low levels of chemicals. An organic child pillow can help reduce the overall chemical exposure your child faces.

Samantha, an expert on organic cotton products from Greenbuds Baby had the following advice: “it's not always easy to cut out all of the non-organic products from your home or your child's environment. The logical thing to do is look at the times and places your child may be most exposed to chemicals or other materials that could cause an allergic reaction, skin complaints or breathing difficulties. The pillow is always going to be one of the top contenders, or main offenders!"

As the markets for organic child pillows increases, the number of retailers grows daily. There's plenty of online shops where you can find products that may help improve your child's health. Once you do make the move towards organic cotton products which have been made without chemical sprays and have undergone testing to ensure that the manufacturing process has not imparted toxins into the product, make sure you don't undo the good work by using harsh cleaning products or washing powders. You can look after an organic pillow in the same way you would do any pillow and once you start noticing the benefits of going organic you may wish to look into other products to complement it. Simple changes to your environment can go a long way in improving your child's health if they are suffering from the sort of issues associated with chemical sensitivity.

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  1. Makes me miss our bed! And the kids and the hubby too!