My Boy is the Sweetest

G's been making my heart explode from happiness lately. His declaration of love for me is downright heart-melting!

Scene 1:

He asked me to carry him so I carried him, kissed him and said...

MomMe: I love you, baby!

G: I love you, Mama soooooo many hundred! (He meant he loves me uncountable hundred times.)

Scene 2:

At home while I am taking a bath...

G(in the living room):  Mamaaaaaaaaaa! Where's Mama? (crying)

K: Mama is in the bathroom, bathing. Wait for a while, ok?

G rushed in the bathroom, opened the door and with tears in his eyes...

G: I love Mama!!!

Scene 3: 

During one of our mushy mother-and-son moments...

MomMe: Do you love Mama?

G: I love mama like my heart! (He meant *with my heart* but I am not gonna edit that because it is so original, beats all his dad's declaration of love for me. Haha!)

Scene 4: 

During his school orientation, he kept reaching for me to kiss me on the lips and whisper...

G: I love Mama!

In fact, out of the blue G will come to me, kiss me and say "I love you, Mama!" many times a day.

Oh my heart! Please help me catch it!


  1. Here's your heart catch it! Am looking for mine I think it went to school with my boys :) G is so gorgeous and sweet! He will make many girls fall inlove! :)

  2. So sweet and so cute! Will melt your heart many times over

  3. Boys sure are sweetest to their moms! When I say goodnight to my boy, he will answer, "Goodnight, Mama! I love you!"