Planning A Food And Drinks Of The World Party


Let’s face it, planning a party can sometimes be a hassle. We might be short on time, or it may be an event for lots of people. It can often be hard to come up with a theme that everyone will enjoy. There is nothing worse than being the host of the world’s dullest party and having to put on a brave face! From arguing guests to picky eaters - you can’t always please everyone. One way to try and keep everyone happy is to plan a party with various themes. Providing a good mixture of different foods and drink means that there should be something for everyone, no matter what their personal preference.

A world food and drink party is easier to plan than it sounds. You could take the easy way and order in takeaways from all of your local venues and then make a few select dishes that you can’t order in. Or, if you have time, why not make everything from scratch?

Batch cooking will make this event easier to plan. Cook up big batches of food so that you’re cooking as much as possible at once. You can prepare some meals a day in advance and simply refrigerate them for heating through the next day. This leaves you more time on the day of your party.

You can buy alcohol online cheaper than in stores sometimes so it is worth doing your research when you are looking for drinks to pair with each meal. Think about the types of food you plan to serve and which wine would work well with it. Which deserts would then compliment each drink?

Some foods and drinks will be easier to prepare than others. For example, pizza and pasta from Italy are a good place to start. Pasta dishes can be put together in minutes, and they are tasty and filling. Greek foods are slightly harder but just as satisfying. If you are cooking Greek food for a party then stuffed vine leaves are brilliant finger foods. Make sure you soak your vine leaves in warm water before assembling them with your meat and rice fillings to avoid breakage. Pair Greek food with traditional Ouzo for a fun themed feel.

Treat your guests to a range of beers and ales from around the world. Think about what you can source easily from local stores and make the most of what is available to you. Things don’t have to be too fancy. Your guests will appreciate the effort and should enjoy trying a little bit of everything throughout the evening.

Decorate the place with flags from each of the countries you’re taking inspiration from. You could even find paper napkins in some of the key colors from each countries flags. Place these next to the plates of food from their corresponding countries for an extra touch. Print off traditional images from sources online. These will help give your party an interactive and authentic feel.

Now all, you need to do is sit back and enjoy the event you’ve created. Make sure that you get time to enjoy all of your hard work. Don’t forget to source plenty of extra seating so that everyone can relax after consuming so much food and drink!

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