The Best of 2014

My deeply-flawed family can't thank God enough for all the blessings He threw our way in 2014. Whenever I find time to sit back, relax and meditate, I couldn't fathom how incredibly marvelous and generous God is to us despite all our shortcomings. In my own limited understanding, it might be because we never fail to say thank you to Him and express how grateful we are for every little and big blessings we receive.

2014 is nothing but AWESOME!


We were supposed to travel on the first month of the year but I underwent a minor surgery to remove the growing lipoma in my forearm. The best thing is, I didn't spend a single cent for my surgery and my recovery was a breeze. I can't thank superman and lady boss enough for giving me a medical insurance coverage as soon as I joined their company. Hats off to all employers who take care of their employees like a family.


We finally traveled to Malacca and we had so much fun exploring the places of interest in the UNESCO World Heritage Site and doing what tourists normally do in a place filthy rich in culture and history. Malacca may not be one of the most child-friendly places to explore with kids based on the fact that most kids aren't too interested in history and all but our kids, aged 11 and 2, enjoyed all our wanderings especially the Malacca River Cruise.


I managed to play catch up with my ex-colleagues turned friends over good food and fun conversations at The Disgruntled Chef in Dempsey Hill. To be honest, it is very difficult for me to find time to catch up with friends being a full time working mom and part-time blogger. My life revolves in my family, work and blogging 99% of the time so whenever I get that 1% to have a social life, I am extremely grateful.


My in-laws came to Singapore to stay with us for 2 weeks and we toured them to places that they have not been to during their first visit in the Little Red Dot. It is always heartwarming when we have our family close to us because they live in the Philippines while we are based here so we seldom get to bond with them.


We celebrated Mother's Day at Port of Lost Wonder in Sentosa Island. I am infinitely aware that Mother's Day should be spent in a way I should enjoy. Well, watching my kids having the best time of their lives makes me feel so blessed that I am a mom to healthy and happy children.


Two days after flying with the superheroes at Faber Peak, Singapore, I surprised the hubby with a staycation at Hard Rock Hotel as our gift for him on Father's Day. The hubby is super-workaholic, I just had to take him away from his work for two uninterrupted days so that the kids and I will enjoy his fun and loving presence.


My boy turned 3 years old and we surprised him with an intimate Choo-choo Train Party at home. He had so much fun blowing his magic candles over and over again. This boy was just a dream few years ago and now he reminds us that miracles do happen if you keep the faith.


Hubby and K turned 40 and 12 years old respectively. Every mid of August, I get all sentimental for having these two Leos in my life. I will never get tired of saying again and again and again that they are two of my life's biggest blessings.


Finally found time to date with the hubby. I always savour our twogetherness because we seldom get to enjoy ourselves without the kids. After a sumptuous dinner at Aston's, we had a blast being lovey-doveys and just being plain silly exploring the Trick Eye Museum. I listed the 10 reasons why we love Trick Eye Museum here.


I have to say, October is the most eventful part of our 2014. Before we left for the anniversary/birthday getaway, I met up with my college besties at Three Bistro and Bar and as usual, we had so much fun catching up. I also managed to squeezed in some me-time doing my long overdue facial spa at New York Skin Solutions and I went to a much awaited me-date at Ricciotti.

The anniversary/birthday getaway is meant to be spent at Phuket Island only but we end up island hopping last minute from Phuket to Krabi which I declared as the best spur of the moment decision ever! Up to this day, it still felt surreal that we have been to the absolutely stunning beyond words - Maya Bay. I also snorkeled for the first time, what an unforgettable experience! Best anniversary and birthday ever!


My precious K graduated from Primary School. I only have 4 questions: Where did the time go? Leaving primary school already? For real? Why did my baby girl grow too fast? *insert crying emoticon* Senti-mode aside, I am thankful for her 6 years of learning journey.


The kids tremendously enjoyed our white Christmas and we ended the year appropriately with a relaxing staycation at Village Hotel Changi. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for all the blessings we received and for all the beautiful memories we created in 2014.

All praises and glory be to God!



  1. i love the way you start off: My deeply flawed family can't thank God enough...Isn't that so true of all of us? We receive blessings deserved or not and to be thankful is always great!

  2. You deserve a happy life cher ^^
    Godbless u and ur family.

  3. pssssttt here and seeing no problem on your page yay! :)

  4. What a lovely year, wishing you many more happy and exciting experiences for you and your happy family Che

  5. wow!! i would say that you do have great year 2014 and i do hope that you'll have more in this new year , thanks for sharing

  6. You are so blessed sis! Oh, welcome back to blogging, namiss kita grabe hahaha. I love all these wonderful family adventures!

  7. Lovely family! Thank you for sharing your memorable events for 2014. May God continue to shower you and your family with blessings!

  8. T'was a very fruit year for year. Praying that 2015 will bring more blessings and joy to you and your family.

  9. It was a fun-filled 2014 for you and your family. You were truly blessed! Wishing your 2015 will be more exciting and more productive!