5 Ways to Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Some people think we are rich because we can afford to travel. Well, let me tell you this. Not all who travel are rich. Cliche as it may be but my motto when it comes to satisfying our wanderlust is this: "If there's a will, there's a way."

When people are really determined to travel, no matter how financially constrained they are they will do something about it just like what we actually do all the time. Our family certainly don't belong to the rich and famous category but let me share with you our secrets why we can afford traveling despite not having a fat income.

1) We use public transportation most of the time. We save about $500 a month for car maintenance, parking and fuel.

2) We bring home-cooked food to work and school. Hubby, K and I save about $30 a day for bringing food for lunch and snacks at work and school.

3) We don't splurge on luxurious gifts like expensive jewelry, luxury bags, shoes and clothes mainly because we prefer to travel than wear Tiffany, LV, and the likes.

4) We have a separate savings exclusively for traveling. It's as simple as when you really want something, you have to save for it.

5) We are always on the look out for cheap travel deals. Most of our travels were booked using a voucher which I scored from various deal sites.

Bonus tip: We seldom splurge on big parties. We'd rather celebrate special occasions traveling or indulging on a staycation.

Basically, we like working hard and we enjoy saving hard simply because we also love to play hard (read: TRAVEL).


  1. my parents traveled a lot as i was growing up and all those places we went made a huge impression (all favorable) on me that i keep with me still. there was not pblic transport to the places we wanted to go, but we were not rich and yet we saw most of this country, which i think is rare.

  2. nice thoughts about traveling, Che. i share your thoughts, same here, khai and I bring our own lunchboxes to work.

    1. Thanks Beth! Traveling isn't really a luxury but a way of life. :)