Creating a Fun and Safe Garden Play Area for Children

Getting out into the bright sunshine and spending some time with the kids is one of the joys of having a garden. Children also love to entertain themselves for hours in those outdoor areas but it’s a good idea to make sure your garden is completely safe for the little ones.
A dedicated garden play area is one of the best ways to ensure your child’s safety and a fun little space just for the kids is a great addition to the garden.
Create a dedicated area
Building a play area for the kids isn’t too difficult a task, especially with the amount of child-friendly products now available. A sectioned off part of your lawn will be preferable and the initial step to take will be to go over this area to remove any debris; a quick rake-over should be enough and you can get the kids to help. The size of the intended area will depend on what exactly you’re going to implement whether that’s a small slide, swings or even a sand pit. Get your children involved and let them help with the choice of products they’d most like to spend time on.
A safer play area
Implementing a small fence around is a good way to ensure your children have a safe little enclosure and will provide them with a space just for themselves. Boundary fences made of plastic are usually the safer option and this material is also bright, durable and easy to clean. Natural wood is another excellent and environmentally-friendly option, and can also enhance the look of your garden.
If you’re intending on adding products such as slides or swings then an impact absorbing surface might also be required. This can include heavy duty rubber or foam mats; waterproofed material is best and also consider loose materials such as sand or rubber chips.
Add some fun elements
The fun part does come with the addition of those little items that can create a more magical effect to the area. This can include a few quirky garden gnomes or how about some solar-powered fairy lights hung on the boundaries or around a little play-house. If your space is big enough then why not invest in a trampoline that can be set into the ground or some large wooden stepping stones for smaller children to play on. Young children will also have fun with plastic gardening tools and these can be kept in a playhouse or in the adult’s shed when not in use.
Remember that when it comes to child safety in the garden in general it is a good idea to fence off ponds, grow only child friendly plants and ensure that any tools and chemicals are locked in a shed. Get the kids involved, use a little imagination and create a fun-filled area that the kids will look forward to spending some time in.

*Image by Alex Burhmann, used under the Creative Commons license.

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