Gift Ideas for Your Mother

Mother’s Day is coming up in a few short months and it’s never too soon to get something special sorted for the woman who gave you life. Here’s some good advice: avoid the gift of tea towels, soaps and perfume. Your mum has had a long life of collecting ‘things’ and chances are she has more than enough.

Give her some time out to treat herself. Try and gift your mum an experience or memory that will last a lifetime. Keep reading for some ideas mum will love.

Health Retreat

Mums generally tend to put everyone first and their own health and wellbeing last. Take this opportunity to show your mum you care about her. Think about booking your mum into a wellness and health retreat such as Chi of Life.

Give her some much-needed downtime where she has nothing else to do but focus on herself. Better yet, go with her and use it as some bonding time. These retreats usually take care of everything and often include meals too. This is a great way to force mum into indulging in taking some time for herself.

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes can be a great way to meet new people, learn some more complex cooking techniques, and enjoy a delicious meal. Depending on your mum’s preferences, French can be perfect for a more luxurious experience. It usually comes with some French wine (bonus) and teaches some slightly more advanced cookery skills.

A cuisine like Thai can suit someone wanting to learn everyday cooking skills at a slightly more average level. Asian cooking classes will generally be a little more relaxed. The best part? You get to eat the food you cook!

Dancing Classes

This can be the most fun way to discover a new hobby and make new friends. Dancing classes tick all the boxes and will keep Mum fit and laughing. Most community centres or town halls will run some form of weekly dance class, whether it be tap, ballroom dancing, or Zumba. Don’t let mum go alone though – join her and get a little extra exercise and one-on-one time together.

A fast-moving dance class can be a great way to have a laugh in each other’s company. This can be especially great for more reserved mums to help them out of their shells in a relaxed environment.

Winery Tour

Who doesn’t want an opportunity to drink wine and eat cheese for a day? Book mum and dad on a winery tour and give them the day together. They will get to meet interesting wine makers, enjoy a fine drop or two, and enjoy each other’s company. Wine tours generally include food, transport and all beverages. It’s a great day out for the wine-lover.

These are just a few ideas on how to spoil your mum in the way she really deserves. Instead of thinking about a product, start thinking about experiences. Have you bought your mum something that she loved? If you have any gift-buying tips to share, post them in the comments below.


  1. Makes me miss my mother even more huwahhh. These are great ideas. Wish Mama would agree of me to bring her here, it's been so hard being so far away!

  2. I guess I have to send my mother a bouquet since I can't be with her to celebrate mother's day, this idea is indeed very amazing

  3. These are perfect ideas to make our Mom feel especial. I missed my Mom so much. It has been almost three years since the last time I saw her when I went to the Philippines.

  4. These are great gift ideas especially Mother's day is fast approaching.

  5. Love the post but sad naman. I've lost my mom a year ago. She did love flowers.

  6. My mom will be celebrating her birthday next month, and I think she will enjoy a health retreat. Thanks for the suggestion!