Our First Sensory Bin

Thanks to the awesome Ginger Bread Mum's Sensory Bins for Toddlers post, I've stopped scratching my head for ideas on what to do with my hyperactive toddler when we're stuck at home.

Here's our very first sensory bin:

White bin, Lillabo toy car, and shape cups and wooden box (from Mula shape sorter set) from Ikea, a pack of green beans from supermarket and the rest of the things inside the bin are from his kitchen toy collection. 

G started playing on a table sitting comfortably on a chair while scooping the beans transferring it from one cup to another. He got tired of using the scoop/spoon/spatula and started using his bare hands. Later on, he said, "Look mom, it's raining!", whilst releasing beans from his hand up high which created rain sound as it hits the bin.

That was it! It "rained" in our whole living room, I had to bring the bin on the floor as I and his big sister helped pick the beans to put back in the bin. I was about to get pissed off when he blurted out, "What a mess! Sorry mom! I love you!"

Sensory play can be very messy yet it provides your toddler lots of fun exploration and so much joy.

Want to know why sensory play is important? Read this.


  1. Nice play thing for toddlers, pero for parents , naku 'torture ito'.. The kid will polish his creativity , while the mom practice patience. Wow! 2-in-1 .

  2. that is a fun toy to play for a toddler, it is ok to get messy and that he will learn to discover things

  3. Mess is a common word in our family, having 6 kids around the house... we're immune. Hehehe.

  4. the size of the bin is just ideal for the kids to have more stuff to put in it.

  5. Hehehehe sorry mom! ☺I must add G is so gorgeous and with those dimples of his a lot of girls are gonna fall helplessly inlove ☺

  6. Hey tyanks for linking back! Sensory bins are a hot fav in our home! G looks like he's having so much fun :D