Some Grave Couponing Mistakes

It is easy, when new to couponing, to make grave mistakes that can counteract your savings. Many become interested in the art of couponing from the TLC show “Extreme Couponing” and do little to no research. The following will guide you through the most common mistakes within the world of couponing. Use this guide to ensure that you acquire your maximum amount of savings. In case you become interested in the subject, go ahead and check out Discountrue (URL: for more tips and tricks.

Going Overboard

When you are just beginning to coupon, it is very easy to want to venture out and gather every freebie or discount that retailers have to offer. This is the most simplistic of traps. Any deal that you see today, will come around again, there is no need to run out each time a retailer promises something free of highly discounted.

Choose an average of two to three of your favorite stores to keep up with. Make one a grocery store, one a super store and the last a drug store. This will allow all of your basses/needs to be covered and you will be safe from couponing overload. In addition, shopping trips should be limited to a maximum of once per week.

Spending too Much Money

Resist the urge to buy more than you need in a quest to have the greatest stock pile around. This will result in you spending more money than you should and negating the whole purpose for couponing. Keep in mind, you began couponing to save money not to throw it away.

Too Much Time Spent

You do not want to spend hours upon hours couponing. It is not meant to consume your life and drain your energy. It is highly important to ensure that your priorities are in order and that you do not neglecting your family or responsibilities due to couponing.

Becoming Unorganized

It is important that you develop a rotation system for your stockpile. It is pointless to go to your stash simply to find items that can no longer be utilized. Organization is the key to successful couponing. Be diligent about your coupon expiration dates as well as the items that have already been purchased.

The Junk Food Pitfall

There are always an abundance of coupons for junk food. Do not get into the habit of collecting a great deal of junk food in the name of racking up savings. Your savings will void itself with junk food due to its swiftly approaching expiration dates. Unless you are supplying a frat house, use junk food coupons within moderation.

Trying for Every Deal

It can be hard to pass up a deal, but every deal is not for you. Savings is not savings when you buy things that you do not need or you have to drive 50 miles in order to acquire it. Keep these things in mind when you hear about or see a deal. Spending unnecessarily is not savings, it is simply a waste of money. If you already have a lifetime supply of toothpaste, a free coupon or $0.50 off is not a deal, it is a waste of time and funds. Use the sales and deals that you need and you will see true savings.

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  1. funny you talk about this as i was just discussing this with a friend and the biggest trap is buying what you do not and probably will not want to use. so i do not do great huge saving every trip, but i am a smart shopper saving an average of 10 to 15% ever trip