The Benefits of Vacationing Among Nature

If you live in the city, you are keenly aware of how vital it is that you remain alert throughout your daily activities. From city traffic to hectic work schedules, there's always something going on that can distract you from some of the simple pleasures nature provides. Have you ever tried walking through a city part as a form of stress relief? That activity may be slightly more calming than walk on a downtown city sidewalk, but most likely, even in a park, you are not able to escape the sounds and busyness of the city.

Attention Restoration Therapy

If Attention Restoration Therapy is a term you aren't familiar with, you might want to take some time to read about it. Basically, ART notes that spending time in nature has cognitive benefits. Today's hectic lifestyles and overloaded work schedules make mental fatigue a nuisance that many people find themselves dealing with on a daily basis. Reading the study results regarding the benefits of spending time in nature, might give you the incentive you need to intentionally plan a few vacations throughout the year that allow you to find physical and mental restoration that communing with nature provides.

Vacation Cabins

Surrounding yourself with natural beauty doesn't mean you have to pitch a tent in a desolate location. Making arrangements to spend time at a magnificent vacation retreat that offers you an opportunity to experience a closeness with nature as well as enjoy luxurious amenities is an ideal way to fully experience the benefits of a nature theme vacation.

Making reservations for a week or weekend at a place such as Beavers Bend Log Cabins or Bear Mountain Lodging is a step in the right direction if you're eager to try ART yourself. You can click here to find all of the information you need such as rates, specials, attractions, nature-related activities and any other information you need to plan your escape to a world totally different from what you experience living or working in the city.

Activities such as fishing, hiking or watching a sunrise or sunset while being serenaded by the sounds of nature, can improve your mental clarity. Most of the time, people plan vacations with physical rest in mind. You can incorporate both goals into your stay at a vacation cabin nestled in the trees or overlooking a lake.


  1. this is also a great relaxation of all the stress in the world, nothing beats nature's therapy.

  2. I would take nature vacation over large cities anytime! Love the view!

  3. I love Nature and vacationing among nature is a good experience. Never tried ba yung cabin.

  4. Oh, I'd love to have this kind of vacation with hubby and son. It would surely be relaxing to stay for a few days in log cabins, away from the busyness of the city life.