What My Toddler Says #2

The Animated Version

"Help me build a house, mom! I'm a mouse. I need a roof and a wall."


"I am a bird eating a worm!"

He exclaimed, while munching and holding onto a small bag of worm-looking chips that our neighbor gave him. What made him say so? On the second day of CNY, superman invited us to their house. While we were there, he fed some birds with store-bought worms and the kids had a grand time watching the bird eating a worm.


I asked him if he wants to eat fruit for dessert. He said he wants strawberry but we ran out of it so I said, how about banana?

"Yes, mom. I want banana. I'm a monkey!"


The boy had a broom in between his thighs with its "head" in front of him so I asked him if he is impersonating a witch.

"No mom. I'm a horse! Look!" (as he went dig-digidig-digidig around the house)

What My Toddler Says #1


  1. hahaha, laughing out loud here Che, G is soooo cute! a horse, a monkey, a bird, a mouse, everything, and what is so funny, he has something so funny to say!!!!!!

  2. Hahahaha kisses for the cutie monkey! ☺