4 Eco-Friendly Fashions You Can Be Proud Of

There is growing concern worldwide about the harm we are doing to this lovely planet we live on and as a result, increasing numbers of people are looking at how to do their part to stop the destruction. When you are told that Britain’s gone green, this is by no stretch of the imagination. From energy right down to the clothes we wear, much attention is given to buying eco-friendly, sustainable products.
As well, eco-friendly fashions are no longer limited to silk and cotton. With such an emphasis on products that are natural, designers are scurrying to find other organic fibres from which to fashion their designs. Indeed Britain has gone green, so if you want to keep up with the trend, here are some of the eco-friendly fashions you can be proud of.

Shoes with Soles Made from Coffee Beans!

Eco-friendly fashions are not limited to the clothes on your back! Did you know that there are some eco-friendly shoe designers who actually manufacture shoes with soles made from coffee beans? Yes, you heard that correctly, coffee beans. This only leads one to wonder, are they organic? Could it make a difference, perhaps?

Organic Fashion Accessories and Jewellery

Fashion accessories could also be 100% eco-friendly. Of course jewellery made from precious metals and gemstones are considered eco-friendly (sort of!) but let’s be realistic here. Who has the budget to buy diamonds and rubies set in platinum? The only aspect of buying jewellery made from organic minerals such as gold, silver or platinum is in the melting process. Unless these metals are cast using sustainable heat, it is questionable whether or not they can be considered ‘eco-friendly.’

Soft and Comfy Natural Fibres

Here is something anyone in the UK can certainly be proud of. There are companies that specialise in working with fibres that are 100% natural and therefore considered sustainable. Take a look at clothing made in Britain byLavender Hill Clothing as one example of a clothing designer/manufacturer that cares about the ecology. Many of their designs are made from a cotton/modal blend fabric. Cotton, bamboo, Austrian modal and silk are amongst the fibres that are soft and comfy whilst being completely natural and biodegradable.

Bamboo Socks - The Latest Trend to Hit Footwear

The latest trend in footwear seems to be bamboo socks. They are advertised all over the web and are said to be amongst the softest socks imaginable. Because they are organic, they are easy to dye in literally any colour under the sun and they help keep the feet smelling fresher. Bamboo fibre wicks water very efficiently so socksmade from bamboo discourage the growth of bacteria prevalent in synthetic socks.

Whenever you wear eco-friendly clothing, take the time to talk about your fashions with friends and co-workers. You can be, and should be, proud of wearing clothing made from natural, organic products. With all the emphasis placed on a green economy, you can be a trendsetter amongst your peers. It only takes a quick perusal of the internet to see that more and more high-ranking designers are going green. Whether you spend £10,000 on a silk evening gown or £50 on a cotton/modal blouse, you are doing your part to save the planet whilst wearing fashions that are globally renowned.

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