Choose The Perfect Dress For Prom 2015

There are several great prom trends, including prom dress trends, to choose from now.  You can find the ones just right for you and have the best prom experience.

More than ever these days you can have prom your way.  Want someone to go with?  Wonder which dress to get?  Wish the evening were longer?  There’s a trend for you!

It used to be that you went to prom with a date.  A girl would wait to be asked by a boy.  Of course, this is still popular today, but it isn’t your only option.  Girls are doing the asking, too, and boys are often not only fine with it, but impressed or even relieved. 

Another trend does away with the idea that you go to prom only in boy and girl pairs.  Prom goers might be two girls or two boys or a whole group of friends, of boys or girls, or both.  The point is, feel free to go with the person or persons whose company you most enjoy.

Once you know which friend, or friends, you’re going to prom with, you have the exhilarating task of finding the perfect prom dress 2015!  Because of all the fashionable lengths, colors, and necklines, there are dresses just for you, ready to give you the confidence you get from feeling and looking amazing!

Follow the glamour trend of glittering beads, lace appliqués, and delicate illusion fabrics, in your preferred dress length: long, short, or the best of both, a high-low length.  Become a celebrity in a long, slim silhouette dress that flows into a small, elegant train.  Try the smooth sophistication of a long, sleek mermaid dress, form-fitting to mid-thigh or calf, flaring out at the bottom to further accentuate your curves.  

Or, look dazzling in a beautifully beaded, gorgeous mini or high-low dress, a dress short in front, tapering to tea length or floor length around the sides and back.  These shorter styles perfectly show off your stunning shoes.  The chic, two-piece prom dresses, which bare a little midriff a bit flirtatiously and flatter your figure, come in both long and short lengths, also intricately embellished for that star-power effect.

When it comes to dress color, continue the classy, refined look with one of the trendy, rich, jewel tone colors like deep blue, purple, or emerald green.  Black and white always look impressively polished, but for a bolder statement, red is a hot color trend hard to resist.  Is there a particular color that lights up your face, brings a sparkle to your eyes, and makes you come alive?  Which one most makes you look and feel especially awesome?  That is the color for your perfect prom dress 2015!

You’ll see many neckline styles for prom dresses: halter, strapless, sweetheart, deep plunge, one shoulder strap, and thick strap styles, enhanced with soft, sheer fabric highly decorated to a shimmering finish.  Very trendy is the high neckline influenced by the movie star look.  Discover which design frames your face, neck, and shoulders to your best advantage, bringing out your most radiant self.

You’re all dressed up and want to extend your special evening?  Add before or after prom plans! Unless your prom includes dinner, the trend is to dine somewhere along the way.  If you’re riding in a limo, make sure to plan this with the driver.  Where you go is up to you -- a fancy restaurant to match your finery or for a fun contrast, a casual burger place.

After the main event, consider the popular after-prom party trend.  Thrown by one of your friends or hosted by you, these parties can be small and simple or large and lavish.  There are bowling parties, video game parties, and movie marathon parties.  Sometimes communities or schools sponsor such parties with great games, prizes, snacks, and shows for all the prom goers.

As you see, you can personalize your prom experience with the trends that suit your style. Go with one special person, or with a great group of friends.  Look spectacular in a glamorous dress that showcases you.  And enjoy just the right amount of celebrating, before and after prom.  You’ll make your prom night the best it can be!

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  1. kuya F's school stopped holding prom nights :( great thing I have snap shots of his first and last prom experience though :)