7 Considerations to Make When Buying a Heated Towel Rail

For many homeowners, a heated towel rail isn’t considered an essential bathroom installation. However, they have been proven to have many benefits. They cost more than a plain rail, obviously, but many people swear by them. Apart from making your bathroom look more alluring for less, the rails ensure that your towels are dry even during humid or cold weather minimising the bacteria and germsthat can easily grow on your towel. To make sure you get the best deal on your rails, here are some points to keep in mind.

Buy DET heated rails
Dry Element Technology rails offer more benefits in comparison to the Wet Element Technology Rails. A couple of the advantages of the former are a) more rapid heating, and b) direct intelligent heating. There is also no chance of leaks, as there is no fluid. These rails are quiet in operation and shouldn’t need any future maintenance.

Watch out for the Personal Temperature Selection option
With this option, you can adjust the temperature of the rail to your desire. This allows you to set a higher temperature in winter and cooler temperature in the summer. It also allows you to switch the rail on and off so it doesn’t have to run round the clock. This option can cut your running costs in half!

Watch out for a total digital control timer
This option allows you to program the rail to automatically switch on or off at specified intervals. For instance, you can program the rail to work after you’ve had your bath or shower and switch off before noon. You can also set a temperature you want the rail to run at, at specific times of the day. This can also massively reduce your running costs.

Watch out for dual entry electrical connections
A heated rail with left and right hand electrical connections allows for flexible placement of the rail.

Check for safety ratings
There is no way to tell the quality of a heated towel rail by just looking at it.  This is why it is important to check ratings and buy from trusted sources like Warmrooms.co.uk. The best heated towel rails have positive IEC ratings and can be installed above the bath.

Check for serviceability
You need to keep in mind that a heated towel rail is a long term investment. This means you should avoid buying any rails that will need servicing and new parts regularly.

Stainless Steel is best
If you are looking for durable, attractive heated towel rails, a stainless steel heated rail is what you need to go for. These type of rails are rustproof and won’t flake or chip with years of use.

Hopefully you have learned something and you are now in a better position to buy the best heated towel rails to keep your towels dry through the winter, and improve your overall bathroom experience. 

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