How to Save Money by Joining Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are incredibly popular. Retailers go to enormous lengths to encourage us to sign up to their loyalty programs because they make sound business sense. If we like a retailer’s loyalty program, we tend to keep going back there, spending money without bothering to price check elsewhere. But do loyalty program save us money?

Money for Nothing

It is tempting to assume that a store’s loyalty program is money for nothing, but in fact this is not exactly the case. Retailers never give anything away for nothing and loyalty programs are no exception. Even though a retailer is offering you loyalty points, money off vouchers or freebies to join their program, it is important to remember that any discounts you receive are incorporated into the retailer’s pricing policy. So no matter how generous the discount or offer appears to be, you are paying for it somewhere along the line.

Despite this caveat, loyalty programs are worth joining if you are careful to read the terms and conditions, and you actually use the products on offer. You shouldn’t let membership of a loyalty program dictate where you spend your money, but if you were always going to shop there anyway, it makes sense to sign up to the loyalty program and enjoy a few extra deals, discounts and free products.

What is Better - Points or Cash?             

Some loyalty programs offer money off discounts whereas others give you points that you save up and spend in-store. Money-off discounts are always a better choice. The money you save by joining a loyalty program can be spent anywhere, but points must be spent with the retailer, which is more restrictive.

Choose the Right Loyalty Program

With so many loyalty programs to choose from these days, consumers are spoilt for choice, so how on earth do you figure out which one is good for your pocket?

A loyalty program is only worth joining if you like the products and you regularly buy them. Say for example you love Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies and you buy some most weeks as a treat for you and the family. Joining the loyalty and rewards program is a great way to enjoy discounts on a product you already buy, so it’s a win-win situation.

Make the Rewards Program Work Harder for You

It is important to keep up to date with the latest offers on any rewards program you sign up for. All rewards programs run regular promotions where extra points or discounts are on offer – often at Christmas and other big holiday periods. To take advantage of these, sign up for email bulletins and read the marketing leaflets you receive in the post instead of throwing them into the trash. If you don’t pay attention, you could miss out on a money saving opportunity for a product you are planning to buy anyway.

Loyalty programs are always worth joining, but in order to maximize the value, only spend your cash on products you actually want! And don’t forget to spend any vouchers that come your way or it will all have been for nothing.

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