How You Can Change One Thing At A Time To Maximize Your Success

When you’re on a health kick, you can be looking ways to kick some bad habits. Junk food, drinking, cigarettes and chocolate are all things we know we shouldn’t indulge in but we only live once right? Cutting down or cutting out some of our guilty pleasures can be challenging. We don’t enjoy the process, and we feel uncomfortable trying to get out of a long-held habit. Combine that with trying to eat right and work out more, and it may be a recipe for failure.

It is easy to be full of the right motives and plenty of determination at the start. But when you start getting into a new healthy lifestyle, you may have cut out too much of your previous ones to have sturdy enough foundations to build this new life on. Instead, try changing one thing at a time. If you have stuck with that for a solid three weeks, you may be able to try for the next big change.

Let’s say you want to cut out junk food. It’s a worthwhile idea because it saves you money and helps you lose weight. See if you can live without takeaways or fast food for three weeks. When you’ve achieved that, you have set up a good habit for life. Now you can look at your next big change. You may join a gym or exercise class. Tackling one change at a time gives you a much better chance of success.

Lots of us want to quit smoking, but when we are trying to lose weight and eat right, it may the one thing that keeps us sane! We all know we have to quit, but when is the best time and the best way when we are trying to change so many other things in our lives right now? If you enjoy the feeling of a cigarette in your hand and in your mouth, a patch or gum may not be the best way to tackle this. You can try simulating the deep inhalations and the arm motions, but sometimes a better way is to try an e-cigarette containing e-liquid. You can choose different strengths of nicotine or none at all, to help you quit too.

Once you have quit inhaling real cigarettes, you will find it easier to breathe well as you exercise. This may be the next thing to add to your health drive. Increasing your exercise to improve your stamina, strength and fitness is a good idea but takes commitment to do several times every week. To get started, add one exercise class to your weekly routine and build up slowly over a few months.

Getting fit and healthy can be done fast or slow. Taking your time to turn it into a lifestyle you can keep up for the rest of your life is probably going to yield better results in the long term. All changes for the better are worth trying to do. Just think, this time next year, you could be exactly the way you want to be.

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