Kuala Lumpur with Kids (Day1)

With one and a half hour delay, we finally made it to Kuala Lumpur! I will spare you with the travel arrangement hiccup first as I want to jump into the fun and exciting stories on our first day in KL. Hubby and I have been there in 2006 sans the kids. Since the kids had a job well done in the first term of school, it is just appropriate to reward them and there's no better day to travel than the first day of school holidays!

We left Singapore around 9am via StarMart Express from Golden Mile Complex, had to alight the coach two times for the Immigration Checkpoint in Woodlands (Singapore) and in JB (Malaysia). Travel time from JB to KL took about 5 hrs with a quick stop over for lunch. KL is further up Malacca, hence travel time is much longer. Thankfully, G slept like a newborn baby and only woke up when we are about to reach KL.

Side story:
Our KKKL Express coach is supposed to leave from Katong V at 7:30am so we actually took a taxi there around 7am. When G heard I instructed the taxi driver to bring us to Katong V, he thought Katong V will be our "new house". Every time we go for a staycation or vacation, we tell him we are going to a "new house" because he has been referring all the hotels we stayed at as such. He gets very excited with the mention of a new house.

On our way to Katong V, G was his usual talkative self. "Mama, we are going to Katong V, Katong W, Katong X, Katong Y, Katong Z?", he asked many times with the rest of the letters in the alphabet. In my opinion, kids are the best travel companions. I always come back with lots of interesting and funny stories after traveling with them.

Moving on to the main story, we finally spotted the KL Tower and Petronas Twin Towers around 3pm. K saw a photo of his dad and I at the twin towers before and expressed her interest to see it with her own naked eyes too. She got very excited upon seeing it.

The coach dropped us at Berjaya Times Square. Thankfully, it is just 5-10 minute taxi ride to Impiana KLCC Hotel where I booked our 2D1N stay. The kids were serenaded by a pianist whilst daddy took care of the check in and I was (obviously) busy taking photos with my iPhone because I forgot to bring the SD card of my DLSR. He decided to upgrade our hotel deluxe room into a bigger one at the Club Floor. The package came with complimentary high tea and evening cocktail at the Club Lounge. More on that later.

We couldn't be happier with the room upgrade (Thank you daddylove for spoiling us!). It was on the 18th floor with the stunning views of the city skyline and right opposite us is the Grand Hyatt Hotel (lower right photo from the collage). We requested for twin beds which is just right for the four of us. The restroom was huge, it came with a big bathtub which the kids loved and a spacious glass encased shower room (not seen in upper right photo).

We wasted no time changing into fresh clothes and proceeded at the Club Lounge at Level 15 for the high tea. The kids are very happy with the spread. We are sweet-toothie family.

We chose a spot with the same views from our room's picture window. We are basically just a stone throw away from Petronas Twin Towers and Suria KLCC. The pool across the road that you see in the photo is the Grand Hyatt Hotel's pool. Like i mentioned earlier, Impiana KLCC Hotel is right opposite Grand Hyatt.

After the high tea, we walked to Suria KLCC to buy an SD card and a card reader (It took us only 5-10mins to get there). The kids were fascinated by the miniature beach model at Nikon Store.

With DLSR (finally with an SD card) at hand, I couldn't help but take a photo of the majestic twin towers.

The hubby was hurrying me because we need to go back to the hotel in time for the evening cocktail. This was taken opposite the Lake Symphony located at the KLCC Park on our way back to the hotel. That tall building above G's head is the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

We arrived back at the hotel just in time for the evening cocktail. We feasted on this and other delectable food from the cocktail spread. Hubby had wine, I had a mocktail whilst the kids has apple juice.

We went back to the same spot where we had high tea. G couldn't get enough of the view, particularly the "miniature cars" on the road below that looked exactly like his toy cars. He also kept pointing at the Grand Hyatt Hotel pool and kept repeating, it's time for us to go for a swim. Haha! Too bad the hubby already declared no swimming on the first day as we were all tired from traveling by coach.

After the evening cocktail, we went back to our room for a DIY family photo shoot. As usual, we set the timer and put the camera into burst mode and the kids know exactly what to do. Our family are bunch of crazy kids and kids at heart. LOL.

We had so much fun doing the shoot that we almost came late for the Lake Symphony Water Fountain Light Show at the KLCC Park. The kids loved the spectacular dancing water fountains in rainbow lights.

The Petronas Twin Towers are equally stunning at night. Such a sight to behold. We attempted a family wefie with it using my iPhone but the quality ain't so good. Too bad K forgot to bring her selfie stick. It would have been perfect for such family photo opp. I took this photo while lying down on the pavement. LOL. Hubby and I took turns to take photo with the kids.

Eventually, we got a fellow tourist to take a photo for us facing the twin towers with the water fountain and the Public Bank building on the background. We can't possibly get a stranger to lie down on the ground just to get a family photo with the twin towers on the background, can we? LOL.

Here are better shots without our faces. We spent the rest of the evening eating and roaming around this majestic architectural piece before calling it a day.

If not for the one and a half hour delay due to an electronic booking system error (that's what we are told), I actually planned to explore Batu Cave on our first day but hubby and I concluded that if we really wanted to go to Batu Cave, we need to stay at least 3 days in KL and we should travel by air because it takes another 45 minutes to get there, we need at least half a day to explore the place and another 45 minutes to travel back to the hotel.

Having said that, we are still grateful that we arrived in KL safe and sound and we we're able to enjoy our first day despite the travel arrangement hiccup.

Click here for our equally fun Day 2! We were able to enjoy the infinity pool and brought the kids at Berjaya Times Square Theme Park.

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