Timeline of an Eventful Week

Was able to squeeze in some mom-me time so let me recall the timeline of my eventful week...

I now know the importance of taking notes of what and where you eat after my "acute pancreatitis" scare. This is exactly what happened:

Thursday, Feb 26 - Went back home earlier and treated the kids at J-Story for early dinner. I ate a little bit of kimchi and tteokbokki. Had proper dinner with my cousin and his family at Food Republic in Vivo City. I ate hokkien prawn mee and drank lime juice.

Friday, Feb 27 - Had dinner date with the hubby at Cucina Italian Restaurant. I ate a mixed platter with grilled lobster, chicken and pork. I also had a taste of hubby's lamb and Hawaiian Pizza. I only drank water but we had tiramisu for dessert.

Saturday, Feb 28 - I ate bread for breakfast and had a Triplet (choc, cheese and oreo) Cheesecake which we bought from D' Good Cafe for morning perk-me-up snacks because I was already feeling sick.

By afternoon, I started having fever so I took panadol. By evening, I had diarrhea so I took loperamide. Normally, when I take loperamide my stomach pain would immediately go away. However, i had abdominal pain and back pain simultaneously the whole night, accompanied by high fever.

Sunday, Mar 1 - went to see a GP, was given an intravenous pain reliever and I was referred to our neighborhood hospital's A&E. Since the pain reliever only took effect for about an hour (I was injected around 11am and I was in pain again by 12nn), I asked to hubby to bring me to A&E.

I had ECG, blood and urine test done and I was given IV 2 liters of dextrose . Findings show there's an infection, negative on acute pancreatitis (Thank God). I was discharged with antibiotic and other set of medications.

Monday, Mar 2 - I woke up with fever and still in pain. Had bed rest and soft diet. I tried to get up at lunchtime and brought the boy to school because he insisted only mama can bring him to school. Hubby fetch him after because I was feeling really weak. By night time, I attempted to serve myself chicken soup and ended up getting scalded because while trying to balance myself , I accidentally knocked on the steaming hot chicken soup bowl.

Tuesday, Mar 3 - Still on MC. Feeling slightly better from ytd, I managed to catch the boy who almost fell from the edge of the sofa while attempting to do a stunt (Oh, toddlerhood!). Thank God for adrenaline rush, I was fast enough otherwise he could have fallen on the floor with his head first.

After lunch, brought the boy again to school then I went to do CT scan with the hubby. Report shows colitis or inflammation of the lining of the colon.

Wednesday, Mar 4 - I reported back to work, feeling a lot better.


I finally went to see a Gastroenterologist the other day and Crohn's disease and any other inflammatory disease was ruled out (Praise God). I was given another dose of antibiotic and the best news is, I could go back to normal diet albeit in moderation and I could go ahead and travel this weekend. Woohoo! God is good, all the time!

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