Why Blue Is Going To Be Big For Wedding Colour Schemes in 2015

If you are planning a wedding for 2015, one of the most important decisions to make in terms of guiding a lot of your other choices is what the colour scheme will be. The colour themes that you choose will have an impact on your flowers, the clothes of your wedding party, your venue decoration, and perhaps even things like your invitation stationery, so deciding on it early in the planning stages is usually a very good idea!

Why Use 'Fashionable' Colours?

While some people have colours they personally love that they want to incorporate into their wedding design, if you are at a loss for where to begin in putting together a colour scheme, or simply want your wedding to be on trend, then it can be good to seek inspiration from the colours the experts are touting as hot for 2015. Each year, Pantone put out palettes for clothes and interior design, and these can very easily be applied to weddings. If you look at the coloursfor 2015, particularly the spring and summer season when most weddings take place, you will see that different hues of blue are cornerstones of many of the palettes you can devise using them.

Why Blue?

Blue is a fantastic colour to use for a wedding colour scheme, because it appeals to both men and women, and comes in so many beautiful shades that you can use it to match with or contrast against all kinds of other colours. If you favour something delicate then powder blue can look lovely alongside gentle peach and coral shades, whereas bolder blues can match with tropical colours for a more exotic feel. For classic elegance, a colour scheme based around royal blue and cream can also look great.

How to Incorporate Blue Into Your Wedding

If you choose a shade of blue, whether it is light or dark, muted or bold, as your key colour, it is likely you are not going to want a blue wedding dress. You should therefore be looking to add in the blue in things like the bridesmaids' dresses, flowers, accessories worn by the groom and best man, the cake, and of course the venue decoration. Companies like Forever Bows can offer custom venue decoration in the UK, allowing you to decorate in the style you want using the exact colour palette you have settled on. With the venue decked out in the theme you have chosen, you can also ensure that your beautiful blues are captured in your wedding photographs, allowing them to reflect the mood you chose for the big day nicely.

Blue is a really versatile colour that sits well with all different contrast tones, as well as traditional white or cream, and there is a shade to appeal to just about any taste. If you want a fashion forward wedding in 2015, check out some of Pantone's recommended blue hues and build up your colour scheme from there!

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