5 Reasons Why You Should Watch A Night of Magic at Raffles by Joe Labero

If there's one thing i badly need in my life as a blogger right now, it's none other than MAGIC. Why? You may ask... I will tell you at the end of this post. Haha! Such a teaser i am, no?

Let me talk about Joe Labero's A Night of Magic at Raffles first, which my guest and I have had the privilege to watch at the Jubilee Hall of the grand and iconic Raffles Hotel. I have to admit, before I received the kind media invitation to catch the magic show, i have never heard about Joe Labero. I only know Criss Angel the magician because my husband religiously watch his magic show on TV.

I did what i have to do of course, and that is to type Joe Labero before hitting the search button on Google. According to Wikipedia, Joe Labero is a Swedish magician/illusionist. His stage name was derived from his birth name Lars Bengt Roland Johansson. He got his first "Magic Box" at the age of 12 and he started to practice magic and decided to become a professional.

In July 2009, Labero received the award of "Illusionist of the Decade" in connection with the magic World Cup in Beijing. The prize is awarded by the Merlin Award Society which is the Oscar organization of the magic world based in Las Vegas.

Those facts made me so excited to watch the show with my husband who is very fascinated with magicians. I RSVPd for the April 28 time slot because every 28th, we try to celebrate our monthsary. I know that sounds ridiculous but you get the drift. Unfortunately, the April 28 show had to be cancelled (not sure entirely or for just the VIP guests) so I was given other dates to choose from.

Eventually, i decided  to catch the April 11 show and tagged along my girl instead because the hubby wasn't feeling well. At first, my girl wasn't very interested as she's not a fan of magic especially the part where magicians had to cut a live person into half with a sword. Did she enjoy the magic show ultimately? You bet! We claimed our tickets as VIP guests, were escorted in our designated seats (L1 and 2) and we had a great time watching the show!

Here are are five reasons why you should catch A Night of Magic at Raffles by Joe Labero:

1) Joe Labero is not just a good magician/illusionist, he is a great entertainer! When the show ended, my girl said, he's really good at magic and he's got a great sense of humour. I totally agree with that 100%. I laughed out loud when he asked one of the participant from the audience to stand near the star. When the participant had a hard time locating the star mark on the stage floor, Joe pointed to himself giving the participant a clue "Hello! I am the star!!!" Everyone in the audience had a good laugh.

2) During the entire 2-hr show, you can't stop asking "how did that happen?" Yes, there are so many unbelievable things that Joe Labero, along with the Burnt Out Punks, performed that made the audience go "unbelievable!" countless times. One of my girl's favourite was when he threw a bowling ball towards the audience and whilst everyone tried to avoid being hit by a huge, hard ball, it turned into a balloon! There are so much more i wanted to share but it's best you go and watch it with your own naked eyes.

3) The show is fun and interactive. I think there are more than 10 spectators that were asked randomly to participate in the show. Yes, be prepared to be in the limelight anytime when you watch the show but i assure you, it is so much fun to interact with Joe Labero. I have this very good impression of him as he makes everyone feel special and appreciated by remembering all the names of those participants picked from the audience. Other ladies even received a stalk of rose from him after gamely participating in his magic tricks.

4) The show is suitable for 5 year old and above. It is a combination of spectacular hypnotizing illusions suitable for young children and outrageous and death-defying stunts suitable for adults seeking for more mind-blowing and jaw dropping kind of magic which my girl didn't really like BUT thoroughly enjoyed, because you can take my word for it: IT IS NOT SCARY AT ALL. It is actually executed beautifully, it makes you go WOW.

5) The show is full house they even had to add more chairs to accommodate everyone, and that says it all. What made that night even special is that, Joe Labero the "star" of the show commented that we were the best audience of the week. We also had the chance to get his autograph, shake his hands for a wonderful performance and had a photo opp with him after the show.
Hurry, buy your tickets at SISTIC now before the show ends on the 3rd of May 2015. Click here for the show time slots and ticketing information.
Before i completely forget, i badly need magic in my blogging life right now because i have not been very inspired to blog. Thanks to Joe Labero's magical performance, i was able to write this long again. Hope this is just the start of more magic to come!

Thank you for the invitation, Krall Entertainment and PR Communications. My daughter and I had a great time!


  1. With all the fun things you guys do, I am sure that your magic will continue. We've never watched a show like this yet.

  2. Magicians or magic is somewhat an illusion tricks, it's a game in our minds that is playing us, quite amusing and wonderful but, i don't think you need magic to be inspired, you already are a wonderful blogger.

  3. Magic to impress me when I was young. But now, I know na almost all the tricks. Perhaps, my apo should see magic shows like this one.

  4. It looks like you had a blast with your friends too. I would LOVE to enjoy show like this with my kids. It would be a fun bonding with them.

  5. My son loves watching magic shows. He's actually doing some magic tricks at home that he learned from his friends in school. I'm sure he'll enjoy this show.