5 Things I Can't Live Without

My husband can't live without his phone, my teenager can't live without music and my toddler can't live without strawberries. What? Strawberries? I know, right? Haha! Suffice to say that different people have different needs and priorities. Having said that, let me share you 5 things i can't live without. My list may probably be almost the same as yours if you are a working mom in Singapore like me and of course, the list doesn't include our very basic needs like family, food, water and air (just in case I get a philosophical comment later on, you can live without your family, food, water and air?)

1. ATM card
I don't carry cash most of the time so I really, really need my ATM card with me all the time in case I need to withdraw money.

2. EZ-Link card
I commute to work everyday so this is really something I can't live without. For my readers who don't live in Singapore, EZ Link card is a contactless smart card used for the payment of public transportation fares in Singapore. All I need is to make sure the card has sufficient funds and I am good to go everyday.

3. Keys
I remember changing my bag one day and left my clinic keys on the previous bag that I used. I had to wait for my boss to open the clinic for like 1 hour. What an ordeal! On the other hand, I can actually live without my house keys because our helper is at home when I leave for work and when I come home from work.

4. Working shoes
Let me re-phrase that to "a good, comfortable and fashionable pair of closed shoes". I ran the clinic alone so I am always on the go. I also assist during minor procedures so I really can't live without a closed shoes to protect my feet from any accidental falling instruments. Of course, it has to be fashionable too right?

5. Phone
To be very honest, I can actually live without my phone if i want to BUT like i mentioned earlier i actually work alone. I need my phone to divert clinic calls when I go for lunch, when I go to the bank and when I need a toilet break. I know it sounds insane but that's the only valid reason why i can't live without my phone.

What about you? What are the things you can't live without? Care to share in the comment box below?


  1. It's so neat that there is an EZ link that you can use for public transportation. Sana ganyan na din sa Pinas noh sis?

  2. very practical, good and very important needs

  3. EZ card, naku, may unforgettable memories kami ni misis dyan when we toured the Lion city last year. For me, keys ang important item na dapat laging na sa akin.

  4. These are very important stuff Sis. I can't live without my driver license, insurance card, debit card, camera and cell phone where my hubby can reach me especially when am taking the kids with me.

  5. Like you, I also can't live without my phone. It's a very valuable gadget. I also can't leave the house without my ATM card, too, and my credit card (for emergency purchases).