5 Tips For Hosting A Fantastic Summer BBQ

With summer well and truly on the way, you might be starting to think about planning your first BBQ of the year. If there is a birthday or another celebration coming up, then you might be considering combining it with your next BBQ.

What’s more enjoyable than gathering all your closest friends and family together for a sunny afternoon of Pimms, food and fun? BBQ’s can be a lot of fun, especially when all your closest friends and family are invited along.

You might think that a BBQ isn’t the right way to celebrate a birthday or special event, but with a little bit of planning, you can easily turn a BBQ into a celebration. With a little bit of preparation and planning, you can add a touch of class to your next BBQ, making it a perfect celebration.

To help you plan the perfect summer BBQ, we have put together five simple tips below:

1. Choose a theme

Turn your BBQ into more of an occasion by choosing a theme - themed BBQs are a lot of fun, and best of all, are easy to plan.

Perhaps a Hawaiian Luau would be fun? Or maybe a steak surf and turf BBQ would be ideal? The type of BBQ you plan is up to you - to get some ideas for the theme, have a look online.  If you can’t find a theme that you like, you could always use a colour scheme instead.

By choosing a theme for you BBQ, you can use it to help you pick the dress code, food and menu options. As well as the decorations.

2. Create the guest list

The first thing you need to do, once you have decided on a theme, is create the guest list. Think about your budget and consider how many guests you can afford to invite along.

Think about which or your friends get on well and know each other - you don’t want to invite people who clash. Otherwise, things could get a little awkward.

If the BBQ is to celebrate a birthday or event, make sure to ask the guest of honour who they would like to invite along. If they ask you to deal with the guest list, make sure to check if there is anyone who they don’t want to come.

3. Think about entertainment

Just like with any party, entertainment is key to success. While you may not think a BBQ needs entertainment, having a look online for jazz bands for hire or a musician to play, will transform your BBQ.

When choosing the entertainment for your BBQ, make sure to take the cost into consideration, as well as the theme of the event.

4. Brighten up your garden

Brighten up your garden by adding fairy lights, bright, tablecloths, and unique centerpieces for the furniture.

To help keeps the bugs away as the sun sets, invest in some citronella candles. They smell amazing and are fantastic for warding off biting bugs and mosquitoes.

5. Plan an amazing menu

The type of menu you offer will depend on how many people are coming (for smaller groups, you can add more detail), as well as the size of your budget and BBQ theme.

As a rule, pick three meats to serve - chicken, steak and fish all tend to go down well. For children, sausages and mini burgers are ideal. If you have any vegetarians coming along, make sure to get some meat-free options for them.

To add a touch of style to your menu, have a selection of bread for guests to choose from - ciabatta, focaccia and baguettes are ideal - instead of the usual burger buns. For sides, salad, yogurt and mint dressing, char-grilled veggie couscous, potato salad, pasta salad, crisps, and dips, are ideal.

With a bit of planning and a few creative touches, you can easily plan a fantastic summer BBQ celebration.

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  1. We threw a big surprise BBQ party last fridayNIGHT for our relatives and it went so good. But there was so much work to be done in that weekend and we got behind our schedule! So yes, planning ahead, certainly helps with the chores aftwerwards.
    love Naqvee