Hard Rock Hotel Staycation (Day 1)

In my desire to make Father's Day extra special last year, I booked a staycation at Hard Rock Hotel. My hubby, although a very hands on dad, is a certified workaholic (he works on most weekends). The only way for us to spend time with him the entire weekend is either to go on a weekend escapade in nearby places like Bintan, Batam, Malacca and KL or spend a weekend staycation in Singapore. Since we already went to Malacca earlier part of the year, I opted for the latter. Hard Rock Hotel's overall theme is most suitable for rock star dads. My hubby ain't a rock star but he rocks nonetheless. He definitely deserves this treat.

Upon check-in, i found out that there were a number of families with young kids checking in too. Made me think i made the right choice.

It was very dark in the lobby, i was forced to use my camera flash. That's K in white tee looking after our things while daddy checks in and i do the obvious.

We came very early so our room isn't ready yet. We left the rest of our things in the care of the hotel staff and headed straight at Adventure Cove Waterpark. There's a passage way from the hotel to the waterpark.

We exited in this private entrance/exit (for hotel guests only). Loved how G rested his right palm on K's head. Haha!

Our first stop at the waterpark is G's ultimate favourite hang out, the Seahorse Hideaway. We've been to Adventure Cove before so this time around, i didn't take lots of photos for blogging and posterity purposes. I did a very detailed post here, we basically enjoyed the same rides and made the most of the waterpark's main attractions. K snorkeled again, i went to some fun and exhilarating rides with her and G had unlimited waterplay with daddy.

We had lunch at The Bay Restaurant again, unfortunately they don't offer the family meal anymore like what we had on our first visit there.

After lunch, we went back for more water fun until the boy asked for milk and got knocked out. Haha! Pardon my bulging tummy here, i wasn't able to hide. LOL.

Since my hands are free from a hyperactive toddler, i took the opportunity to photograph these duo who shares the same birth date. They are always fun to shoot because they like goofing around in front of the camera.

Here's an elevator photo opp on our way to our hotel room. This was taken almost a year ago when K was still inP6. Nowadays, i cannot get her to post for the camera anymore.

This is what greeted us upon entering the room. It is really designed for rock star dads with a slight touch of elegance.

And this is our awesome view from our room's balcony. If we didn't just come from Adventure Cove, i am sure the kids would have requested to go to the pool right away. I will feature the hotel in another post so i won't be showing you around for now.

We rested in our room while waiting for G to wake up from his power nap. We caught the sunset from the hotel's elevator picture window on our way for dinner. The sunset is too stunning not to have a photo opp. You know that's a lame excuse of a camwhore right? Haha.

Not sure if you noticed but every time we travel or go for staycations, i try to play matchy-matchy. For this one, our family outfit theme is green. G couldn't peel off his eyes from the cable cars up in the sky. It so happened that our staycation fell just a day apart from our flying experience with DC superheroes so the boy still had a little hang over from riding the cable car.

We queued at Din Tai Fung for dinner and waited for a while. When the Q is slowly moving, the kids were complaining they are really hungry already so we gave up our Q and went to Malaysian Food Street instead.

We enjoyed eating Bak Kut Teh and other Malaysian food delights. Don't get it wrong, G liked his food. During this time, when you take his photo and ask him to smile for the camera, he will flash his tiger smile that looks exactly like that. Blame it on his dad who showed him how to do tiger smile. LOL.

We strolled around RWS after dinner and we were unable to hide Candylicious Store from the kids. Hubby indulged them with sweet treats defending himself that we don't get to hang out that late at RWS very often so might as well make the most out of it and get the kids to enjoy like there's no tomorrow. I didn't protest since he only does it once in a blue moon. The kids were overjoyed obviously, although G's tiger smile says otherwise. LOL.

We soaked our eyes with this spectacular view from RWS before retiring for the night. It was a very well-spent day, God is amazing as always and we couldn't be more grateful and happier.

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