Hard Rock Hotel Staycation (Day 2)

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After having buffet breakfast at Starz Restaurant, we took the kids for another round of water fun at the hotel's sand pool. I have nothing to highlight about the breakfast buffet spread we had but the sand pool is definitely worth raving about. As you can tell from the photo above, the kids and their parents (can you spot G and the hubby?) are having a grand time playing with sand and water as if they are in a beach.

Our family were among the early birds to enjoy the sand pool, the crowd only started to thicken much later. 

The crowd isn't an issue though as you can see from the photo above (taken from our hotel balcony), the hotel's swimming pool area is huge.

As you can see from the 3 collages above, it doesn't feel crowded at all despite the number of families with young children enjoying the pool. If there's a selling point of Hard Rock Hotel for families like us, IMO it's their kid-friendly and ginormous pool area. It is complete with cabanas, pool bar, Jacuzzi, water fountain play area accompanied by a tiny shallow kiddie pool with slide perfect for toddlers and a spacious deep pool for professional swimmers where K had the most fun because she was able to sharpen her basic swimming skills.

Personally, my favourite spot is the pool with white sand. G had the most fun in the beach-like pool setting. I must say it is a genius idea to incorporate sand in the hotel pool.

As they say, all good things never last. We had a hard time getting to kids out of the pool. Please allow me to digress a little... Can you spot the preggy mommy in the photo above? I tell you she looked hot in her bikini! 

We had our traditional photo taking inside the room before checking out. The kids also had fun jumping on the bed. 

G kept on photobombing me when i instructed the hubby to take some solo shots. Hubby distracted him by taking his photo too. LOL. #diaryofacamwhoremom 

More photo opp with the kids inside the hotel premises after checking out, on our way to have lunch at Din Tai Fung. We left our things in the care of the hotel staff again. 

Since we missed having dinner here on our first day of staycation, we went back to queue for lunch. I've been dying to try DTF for the longest time but I waited for this special occasion, because daddy deserves only the best and the tastiest. 

Fortunately, the Q wasn't very long and I managed to satisfy my craving for the best dumplings in town. I have to say the whole family enjoyed the food as much as i did. 

After lunch, off we went to explore the S.E.A. Aquarium and after feasting our eyes with thousands and thousands of marine animals, we went back to the hotel to take our things and took taxi ride home. 

What a fun-filled and memorable staycation! Thank God for great dads who are worth celebrating.

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  1. Pretend photobombing has been one fun part of our photo get away too :)