Kuala Lumpur with Kids (Day 2)

If you missed day 1, click here

Woke up to a beautiful sunrise in the city and headed straight for a buffet breakfast at Tonka Bean Cafe near the hotel lobby (lower right photo fr the hotel website). I didn't take any photo of the buffet spread but as the hotel staff told us when we checked in, the choices of food are plenty compared to the American themed breakfast buffet offer at Cedar on 15.

Whilst hubby and I are trying to finish our big breakfast, the kids who declared their tummies are full kept nagging us that it's time for them to swim. Went back to the hotel room to take a shower, let the kids change into their swimsuits and brought them to the hotel's infinity pool at level 15. Can you spot one of the twin towers on the upper left photo? Obviously, I chickened out from the cold water and excused myself from swimming. LOL.

As usual, G had extended water play in the bathtub while we, adults (yes sadly, my first born is now considered as adult *insert skull emoticon here*) took a bath one after another.

We took a taxi to Berjaya Times Square and spent the rest of the morning at the Berjaya Times Square Theme Park. G enjoyed all the rides at the Fantasy Garden (suitable for toddlers). He had his first flying experience alone at the Bumble Bee ride (not in photo) and it was also his first time driving a bump car all by himself. He normally requests mama or dada to accompany him on all the rides, but since we cannot fit with him on the toddler sized rides, he had no choice but to ride alone.

I praised him for being a such brave boy, and he seemed so pleased with his achievement too and blurted out, I am a strong boy mom! K on the other hand enjoyed herself too much at the Oort's Express while I screamed my lungs out when it went way to fast for a 36 year old soul. LOL. She wanted to ride the rest of the rides at the Galazy Station with me (suitable for bigger kids) especially the Supersonic Odyssey which is apparently Asia-Pacific's longest multiple-inverted roller coaster that runs at a top speed of 80km/hr. Thankfully, we ran out of time. Phew, my soul was saved by the day! LOL.

Went back to the hotel in time to pack up for a late check out. We actually had extra time for a photo op before finally saying goodbye to our "new house". The kids loved our Club Deluxe Twin room so much they are so reluctant to leave too soon. Sorry kiddos, I promise to book at least 3D-2N next time.

The same taxi driver who brought us to Berjaya Times Square brought us to China Town where our coach is scheduled to leave. We left our luggage at the travel operator office located at The Elements Hotel and went for lunch while waiting for our coach. After lunch, G and I lounged at the hotel lobby while K and dada went for last minute shopping. They came back just in time for boarding.

Bye, KL! Till we meet again...


  1. Lucky K and G to always enjoy experiences with you and M Che, stay blessed and continue building priceless memories

  2. Brave baby G! and whew he is growing way too fast! and yep ate K is already a lady! soon you'll have boyfriend problems hahahaha....as always I enjoyed the virtual tour...yep I spotted one of the twin towers. Hope to see the towers in person one day soon :)