Off-Duty Moms: Essential Planning Tips For A Girls' Night Out

When you have young kids, you don’t get an awful lot of time to yourself, never mind time to spend with your girlfriends. That’s why it’s important that when these rare opportunities do come along that you do them right! Here are my essential planning tips for a super girls’ night out. These suggestions will, hopefully, take a lot of the hard work out of organizing this event. Now let your hair down and have fun, you are a hard working Mom and you deserve it!

One: Create a Facebook event
Creating a Facebook event with your girls gives you the opportunity to discuss different elements of your night and make final decisions on the date, times, place, etc. Not only is it a good idea for practical reasons, but I think it also gets everyone thinking and excited about the occasion. Not to worry if one or more of you are not Facebook fans. Group text messages are just as helpful.

Two: Reserve tables
Once you’ve decided on where you will go to on your night out, I would recommend reserving tables. It’s probably not necessary to do this everywhere you intend to go, but at least your first stop, even if it’s only a bar. The last thing you want to happen is to have your sights set on somewhere only to turn up and find that it is bursting at the seams with other merrymakers and no room for your group! And if it’s a weekend, this could be a problem everywhere you go. If you are a big group, booking tables will be especially important.

Three: Organise transport
Waiting around for ages for taxis can put a downer on your night! Try to organise transport between locations in advance, if possible. This will ensure you are kept warm and dry as you hop from place to place and will be especially welcome for those wearing killer heels. If you and the girls want to go all out, why not consider booking a party bus to drive you around town, drop you off and pick you up at each stop? Fitted with plush seating, fancy lights and a bar, with this form of transport the party doesn’t have to stop when you are travelling.

Four: Check out guest lists and deals
A few days before your night out, you may wish to check venue websites to add your names to the guest list. This might help you to skip queues and get good seats. You may also come across some deals on the websites that you can take advantage of like free entry before a certain time or information on happy hours.


Five: Find a smashing outfit
Being a Mom to young children, you probably spend most of your time in food splashed t-shirt and stained trousers. For your girls night out, find an outfit that will restore a bit of glamour to your life and makes you feel beautiful.

I hope you all have a fantastic night out!

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