5 Best Ways to Ask Someone to Go Out With You

So you want to know the best way to ask someone to go out with you. You must either really like this person or want to get a date as you want to ensure you don’t get it wrong. The thought of rejection can be scary, but it won’t kill you. There are a few things you can do to help your chances, but there’s no 100% guarantee you’ll get a date. Still, there’s no harm in trying!

Be Brave

If you’re confident that this person won’t immediately reject you and go running for the hills, then be brave. TELL them you’re taking them out. That’s right; just tell them. Say, ‘hey, I’m taking you for a coffee.’ Do it right then and there if you have the opportunity. This has worked before! The key is to just be confident and go for it. Maybe think a little ‘Joey’ from friends rather than ‘Biff’ from Back to the Future.

Take a Risk

People are sometimes attracted to people who take risks. I’ve heard stories of men opening doors marked ‘do not open’ just to ask a woman out. If you’ve ever seen the Notebook, you would have seen how Noah asked Allie out by jumping onto the big wheel and holding on until she agreed to go out with him. Take a risk to ask the person you like out, just try not to get arrested. It doesn’t just mean doing something dangerous either; you could ask somebody who lives a while away out. Long distance relationships can be deemed a risk, but if you think this is the right person you should go for it!

Stand Tall

Standing tall with your chest out is a sign of confidence, and there’s nothing more attractive. Make sure you take this approach when you ask somebody out, just make sure you don’t look scary.

Be a Little Mysterious

Don’t make it too obvious that you’re interested if you can help it. Both women and men enjoy the thrill of the chase and not knowing, as annoying as it can be. If you’ve met someone on a hookup app, I would still keep thing a little mysterious rather than just cutting straight to the chase. Keep an air of interest around you to make people want to know more and compel them to say yes.

Make it Fun

Ask somebody out in an imaginative, fun way. Use your imagination. Have it written on a cupcake, or make a t-shirt. Give them a balloon. Write them a song. Here are some more creative examples you could choose from.

OK, now you know the best way to ask someone to go out with you, you definitely have more chance of them saying yes. If you let these opportunities pass you by, you’ll only regret it later on. Become a confident, positive person and it’ll be near enough impossible to say no to you.

Do you have a success story you’d like to share? Let us know. See you later!

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