Tips for the Most Amazing Family Ski Trip

Going skiing with the family can be a brilliant way to spend a vacation. It’s so different from beach holidays and even city breaks. What could be better than learning a new skill together against the most beautiful crisp white backdrop? We have some tips that can make your trip even more magical too!

Go When the Weather is Slightly Warmer

By going when the weather is slightly warmer, the ski trip will be much more child friendly. This is usually between the months of March and April, but you’ll need to do your research based on your own destination choice.

Get Your Kids a Ski Lesson

To help your children hone their skills, book a ski lesson for them. They’ll do well if their teacher speaks the same language very well, so remember that. Of course, you could all go for lessons together before you travel! Hitting the real slopes can still be a little different, so bear that in mind. If you’re travelling with family and friends who have been before, do not take lessons from them. They might be fantastic skiers, but pretty soon they’ll get bored of teaching you. This means they’ll encourage you to do things that you’re not ready for, which can leave you hurt and apprehensive to do it again!

Book Your Childcare

If you think you’re going to need it, book your childcare in advance. As you can imagine, many skiers want a break from their kids at some point on their vacation, or want to do something unsuitable for the kids to join in. Research babysitting services and anything similar that you could use and try to book ahead. You don’t want to be left in the lurch once you arrive! It can be nice to have a break from kids if you’re an experienced skier and they’ve never done it before, so you can have some time on the slopes to yourself.

Stay Positive

Don’t feel apprehensive about your trip. Instead, be positive and your children will pick up on it. You’ll all have a wonderful time skiing together as a family. Nerves can really hinder the performance of your children as they ski, so just think happy thoughts!


What to do When Booking Accommodation

When you book your accommodation, make sure you book somewhere suitable for your whole family. Ideally, it’ll have plenty of facilities for you all to enjoy when you’re not skiing. Many hotels will have a pool, and even spa facilities like this Spa hotel in Andermatt. Find something that not only suits your budget, but the kind of trip you want to have to.

Buy Comfortable Gear

You’ve probably realised that ski gear is very expensive. To save some money, consider buying second hand. If the gear is used a little, it’ll also likely be more comfortable too! Whatever you do, make sure everybody’s gear is comfortable enough to wear all day. It’s a good idea to have everybody test it out properly before you leave.

Are you ready for the most amazing ski trip?

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