4 Tips For Planning The Perfect Military Wedding

If you’re lucky enough to have a brave partner who works for the armed forces, you might like to plan your wedding with a military theme. A lot of soldiers and servicemen like to get married wearing their uniform, and there are also lots of other things you can do to make the day special. We’ve come up with some fantastic tips that should help you to get everything sorted.

You deserve the most spectacular wedding your money can afford, and our ideas will ensure you achieve that. Celebrating your partner’s military accomplishments as part of the ceremony will guarantee they know you appreciate what they do for the family.

Get in touch with your partners boss

Before you do anything else, it makes sense to get in touch with your partner’s commanding officer. If they happen to be particularly fond of your husband to be, they might be willing to offer some assistance with the organization. Just let them know what you plan to do, and hopefully they will come up with lots of cool suggestions about how the day can be tailored to suit someone in the army.

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Book a military venue

If you live in a military housing complex like Ultris Patriot Park, there might be function rooms and other venues you could hire. Most of their friends and associates will have their families living nearby, and so it will be convenient for all your guests. Those of you who don’t live in such a community might consider getting married at your partner’s base. Again, speaking with their commanding officer will let you know whether or not that is a feasible idea.

Wear a camouflage wedding dress

While blue is going to be big for wedding color schemes this year, you might like to try something different. Your partner is sure to wear his military uniform during the ceremony, and so there is no need to spend any extra cash on a suit. With the money you save, it might be sensible to get in touch with wedding dress makers and order a custom product. Everyone will be stunned if you walk down the aisle wearing a green and brown dress with army camouflage. At the end of the day, most people’s wedding photos are pretty similar. At least yours are going to stand out from the crowd.

Hire a military band

Every division of the military has a band these days, and they tend to play brass instruments. You should hire an armed forces band for your wedding to give it that little bit of something extra. They can still play tunes people know, and they will have no trouble getting their heads around the wedding march. If you’re lucky, you might even get them without having to pay anything. It all comes down to how high-up and respected your partner has become in his industry.

Now you know how to plan the perfect military wedding, we look forward to seeing the pics. You don’t have to take all of our ideas on board, but we hope they have helped to point you in the right direction. Good luck! Have a fantastic day!


  1. Oh well, O has a military wedding long due promise to me LOL. Anyway I have a lifetime to wait and to get my waist back to its pre-motherhood size LOL.

    P.S. been a long time since I last visited your page via widescreen hahaha....been viewing only through phone the past months..I kinda miss its crispy, clean, neat feel, yab yah! :)

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