5 Reasons Why Travelers Love Seoul, Korea

Next on our family travel bucket list is South Korea. Seoul to be precise. Last year, we had a hard time deciding whether to fly to South Korea or Thailand for our annual family vacation but we ended up choosing the latter. My girl who is an avid fan of K-pop stars was utterly disappointed so we had to coax her and promised that we'd take her to Seoul either this year or next year. She badly wants to go to Seoul for the following reasons and it is probably the same reason why travelers love the fascinating city:

1) Visit familiar places featured in K dramas like the Namsan Tower
Who doesn't know about You Who Came from the Stars? The top rated K drama shoot one of their episodes at the Namsan Tower also known as N Seoul Tower. One of the most photographed spot in the tower is the Love Locks which is similar to the love locks at two Paris bridges, Pont des Arts and Pont de l'Archeveche. Admittedly, the hopeless romantic in me is also looking forward to have a glimpse of this popular place. 

2) To shop the most coveted authentic Korean fashion apparels and accessories
My girl turns thirteen this coming August (my heart felt so heavy just typing that sentence) and is currently developing her own fashion sense. Needless to say she was greatly influenced by her K-pop star idols and she can hardly wait to shop some Korean fashion apparels and accessories. Where else can you find authentic ones but in Seoul? We heard that Dongdaemun Market is a mecca of fashion, can't wait to visit!

3) To feast on Korean street food like tteokbokki
We once watched a K drama that featured the famous Korean snack tteokbokki and boy we were hooked! We now frequent to J Story in our neighborhood mall just to satisfy our craving for this addicting snack. I say it's best savoured during winter in a pop-up tent restaurant locally known as pojangmacha.

4) Visit a traditional Korean palace like Gyeongbokgung Palace 
We always see Koreans wearing their traditional hanbok in movies or K dramas. How fun it would be to see them in person whilst performing traditional Korean ceremonies in a 600 year old Korean palace. It would be a great bonus if we get a photo opportunity wearing hanbok too.

5) Visit Lotte World
A trip to Seoul with kids wouldn't be complete without visiting a theme park and Lotte World is on top of my girl's list.

Now please excuse me while I try my best to contain her excitement. We may not be able to go anywhere outside Singapore this year due to personal reasons but there is always next time!

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