Favourite Moments from G's Field Trip to Singapore Zoo

That moment when...

G was having fun counting cars from the bus window when I asked him to take a we-fie with mom-me and he gladly obliged. I am really thankful for my one-on-one dates with my children. This boy feels so insecure without having me around during school field trips so I always take leave from work to accompany him.

G was mesmerized by a hippopotamus swimming right in front of him.

G and her buddy, Sophia were the firsts to arrive at the White Tiger exhibit because they were too excited. Needless to say they had the best views of the sleeping lazy tigers and they were extremely delighted when the tigers "woke up" and said hi to them.

G was excitedly pointing to the sleeping koala. So happy to have catch the Koalamania on his second visit to the zoo. It was his first time seeing one. Too bad they were all sleeping snugly but their mere sight is still priceless.

It began to drizzle but it didn't stop the kids from exploring. Their curiosity led them to a kangaroo sighting outside the Koalamania exhibit at Australian Outback.

G had a recollection of the Elephant Show we watched at the same spot 2 years ago on his first visit to the zoo. The show was less entertaining this time around (they omitted the part where elephants showered the audience with water), last time we had so much fun covering ourselves and screamed in delight at the same time.

G and his friends are having a blast screaming their lungs out inside the igloo at the Polar Bear exhibit. The air-conditioned indoor exhibit was a fresh respite from the hot weather outside.

G finally had a glimpse of the polar bear swimming gracefully in the huge pool. During our last visit, it was hiding somewhere else so we didn't get to see it at all.

G finally had a glimpse of all this favourite animals; the rhinocerous, zebra, giraffe and cheetah. When we haven't seen them yet, he kept asking where were they. Haha.

G was already exhausted from all the walking and exploring, he was begging me to carry him on our way back to the zoo entrance. Nevertheless, he still smiled for my camera whilst wiping his perspiration. Haha.

Grateful for moments like these... Can't wait for the next one-on-one date with my boy!


  1. We love zoo trips! That first photo of you and G is really beautiful with the sun rays..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Awwww G's facial features are more of yours than papa M :) I could feel your excitement listening to him count cars and simply watching his eyes glow seeing all those animals....