My Guide To Planning A Beautiful Summer Backyard Party

My favorite thing about the summer months are all the backyard parties with family and friends. The weather is glorious, the food is fresh and tasty and everyone is in such a good mood! I love being the host, so I have organized a lot of these occasions in my time.

If you are also planning to host a beautiful summer party in your backyard, here are some tips and ideas that I’ve gathered along the way and would love to share with you all. I prefer to keep it simple, so I’m not stressed and have more time to spend with my family and friends. So do adapt this guide to suit you.

Give your backyard some TLC. If you haven’t had a chance to tend to your outdoor space since the winter, then it will probably be in great need of some attention. This doesn’t have to take forever. I find that just mowing the lawn, removing debris and trimming back any unruly plants can make a huge difference. If you want a more thorough job, but don’t have the time, maybe you could pay for the help of a professional gardener.


Think about seating. The seating is one element of a backyard party that many people forget about. Although most people are happy to stand, you’ll want to provide ample seating if you are providing food and if you have elderly family and friends coming. You may wish to borrow or hire seating if you don’t have enough. But if you want to keep costs low, laying down beautiful rugs on the lawn, I think gives a lovely, laid-back picnic feel.

Tend to your grill. If you are doing a BBQ, make sure your grill is in good working order and clean. If your grill is old and you want to treat yourself to a new one, you may wish to read information on the best gas grills for your summer bbq from

Think about your menu. I think simple food is the best at a summer backyard party. Giving yourself too much to do in the kitchen will only stress you out and keep you away from your guests. My menu usually features fresh vegetable and fruit salads, smoky meat, fish, sweetcorn and potatoes from the grill and plenty of bread and condiments. In terms of drinks, I usually serve big jugs of fruity cocktails, bottles of beer and plenty of water. What more could you need?


Decorations: It’s nice to dress up your garden to make it look pretty for the occasion. But I don’t think it’s necessary to go over the top. My favorite backyard party decorations are colorful paper lanterns suspended from trees and other high places. I also love fairy lights and candles enclosed in beautiful lanterns.

I hope I’ve shown you that it is quite easy and affordable to host a beautiful backyard party in summer.

Have a wonderful party and do let me know how it all goes!  

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