New and Exciting Ways To Remember Your Travels

I love to travel; you can’t beat it. The best thing about travelling is the memories you create on the way.

Wanderlust is my favourite word, and I love collecting photos and trinkets. Flicking through old pictures of my travels got me thinking, how else can I store memories? Read on for some ideas to make your next trip the most memorable yet.

Phone Photography

You don’t have to own an expensive camera to take beautiful pictures on your travels. Most smartphones are now so advanced they match up to many digital cameras! To take your photos to the next level, invest in phone camera gadgets. You can buy small filters and attachments for your phone's camera to transform images. The effects can range from anything to a wide angle lens, to make the most of landscapes, or fisheye lenses for arty effects.

Videos And Clips

Holiday videos are nothing new, but there are new ways you can make your videos unique. There’s so much free video editing software out there now that you can feel like a director on a big movie for a while! I stumbled across the Stariq hashtag on Keek and thought about how I could use it myself. I liked the idea of using Keek as the videos are longer (36 seconds) than Vine’s or Instagram Videos. I thought you could record short videos on your travels of funny moments and share them on your personal hashtag. You could even use a digital photo frame to display your clips at home.

Instant Cameras

A long time ago, you’d have seen more instant cameras than digital ones! They aren’t new, but they certainly are exciting. Instant cameras are fun as you have the satisfaction of having the pictures in your hands straight away. Use them to capture candid moments on your trip. Once you arrive home, instant photos can make eye-catching wall displays. If you can’t find an instant camera, you could have them printed to look like classic instant photos.

Calendars And Photobooks

Having your photos made into calendars or photo books has become more popular. It’s easy to find a printer and have your pictures printed professionally. To make it creative, I think you should agree on a theme or a story before you set off on your travels. You don't need to stick to the theme or story exactly, but it’ll help guide you. By having an idea of how you’d like it to end up, you’ll come with a calendar or photo book like no other! One idea I had was to snap a picture of something that starts with the letter of the month. It will get you to look closely at the place you’re visiting, so you don’t miss your shot. You could even bring a mascot such as your family's favourite stuffed animal to make appearances in the pictures.

What do you think of ideas? I’m sure there are plenty of other creative ways to keep your memories once you return from a trip. If you have any more, please do share.

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