Stepping into Memories – Garden Transformations with Paving Stones

Every year as the weather turns warmer and we look to spend more time in the garden, it becomes a focus as to how to make that space a lovely and inviting environment. Sometimes we want to entertain in the garden and other times we simply want to get out into a peaceful and sunny atmosphere. One of the ways many homeowners are designing their gardens is to do them up like those classic British gardens that have been so famous throughout the centuries. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your journey.

Stone Walls Prevalent in Classic Design

One of the loveliest features in many traditional British gardens is the use of stone walls to separate areas where different varieties of plants are grown. Often people would sit on the wall for a brief chat whilst strolling through the garden and many were built with this in mind. If you visit any of the more famous gardens throughout the UK, you will see how stonework played a central role in the architecture of garden landscaping.

How Paving Stones Are Employed

If you are going for that classic British look, it is vital that you see how paving stones were employed. Most often they had stepping stones leading up to a central courtyard where there were stone benches, fountains, statues and a ‘floor’ made with paving stones. You can find many ideas on the Easy Pave website and you would be surprised at just how easy it is to get the classic stones you need to complete the ‘look.’ There is just no way to complete a traditional British garden without using stones throughout.

Creating the Classic Maze in Today’s Garden

Depending on the amount of space you have available, one of the features that many classic gardens had was a maze cut into shrubs. Most of us don’t have on-staff gardeners to keep those bushes maintained but there is a way to make a lovely maze through your garden with stepping stones along a path. As you wander through your garden you can go from one stone to the next along a path through some of your loveliest flowers, shrubs and yes, even herbs and edibles! This is today’s version of the classic British maze and one you’ll soon be stepping into memories on.

Memories in the Making

If you look back on your life, the most memorable outdoor moments were probably spent in the garden simply breathing in the fresh air and taking in the scenery. Whether with friends or for those moments of solitude, gardens are the place where memories are made so why not make your garden an idyllic sanctuary that will beckon you in moments of stress? Bring the kids and the grandkids out to roam and together you can step into memories ‘in the making.’ 

Not only will you add a touch of beauty to your property, but a classic garden adds to property value, and that’s memorable in itself! Don’t forget though, the one common element woven into garden architecture throughout the ages has been the employment of stone. Get that right and you’ve created the perfect garden.

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