The Importance of Planning Memorable Moments with Kids

Being a parent is so much more than putting clothes on their backs, food on the table and seeing to their health and welfare. As a parent we are raising up the future and so it is important to give kids something to latch onto. At times this can be a trying challenge because there are only so many hours in the day. Why not make it a habit of planning one day a week to ‘make memories’ with your kids. Plan activities that they will cherish forever, even long after they’ve had children of their own.

First a Word about Babysitters

Maybe you have never heard of that movie from the early 1990’s but it really has become a classic comedy, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead. If you haven’t, it’s a must-see! One of the things you will often hear your children remarking on as they grow to adulthood is in regards to the babysitters you used whilst they were little enough to need them.
It is extremely important to find the right person to care for your children because believe it or not, memories of babysitters happen to be one of the number one types of remembrances common to people reminiscing on their childhood. Take time to find a person your kids will remember fondly, not with horror. If you don’t know where to look, you can find a au pair with

Weekly One-on-One Quality Time

No matter how busy you are, always, always, always, take time to spend with each child one-on-one. This is just as important to their sense of self as being grounded in a loving family. There may be plenty of memories about time spent together as a family but the times they will remember most will be those times “mum and I” or “dad and I” spent doing… whatever it is you did!
This also goes a long way to dispel sibling rivalry. If you give each child an opportunity to tell you what they’d like to do on their ‘mum and me’ day, they can’t fault you for favouring one over the other. It was their choice so what they choose is important to them or they would have chosen otherwise. Those are the memories most likely to be shared with their own children someday. “When I was little my mum would,” and here they will go on about your one on one time together.

The Importance of Memories

Those memories are so much more important than just something to remember good old mum and dad with. Those memories actually help to shape your sons and daughters into the adults they will become. Remember, unless they become a Tibetan monk or a Catholic nun/priest, they will be having kids themselves one day. All those fond memories will one day help them shape their own children and this is the stuff that family tradition is made of.

Some memories are spontaneous, but if you want to use them as a learning experience, plan them well. Never underestimate the importance of planning memorable moments with kids.

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