5 Ways I like to Relax When I Get the Chance To

We all lead busy lives nowadays, so it’s important to relax when we get the chance to! Here’s how I love to relax.

Watching Old Movies

There are so many ways to watch movies nowadays. It makes it so much easier to find something great to watch when you want to kick back and relax on the sofa. You can put on a DVD or stream something via Netflix on your TV or tablet.

If you ask me, there’s no better way to relax than to find a great classic movie and sit down with your partner with a bucket of popcorn. Those old movies offer a relaxing form of escapism you don’t find as much nowadays.

Playing Online Games

Where would we be without the internet? Well, not here that’s for sure. But one of my favourite things about the internet is the amount of great games it allows us to play. I don’t play on expensive consoles, but some of those online games are pretty addictive.


You probably have an idea of what meditation is formed in your head. You also have an idea of the kind of person that does meditation. But meditation is for everyone, and it’s not as weird and hippy as you might think. It’s actually just incredibly relaxing!

There’s nothing complicated about it either, all you have to do is clear your head of distractions and focus on your breathing. You should start slowly and try it when you’re feeling stressed. To begin with you might only want to do it for 10 minutes at a time.


Taking Long Walks

Going for a long, but slow, walk is one of the most relaxing things you can do. It’s my idea of heaven when I have an afternoon free and want to do something alone. I just start out walking without a plan and see where the journey takes me.

It’s not only relaxing, but also invigorating and good for your health. It makes up a large part of your recommended amount of exercise if you take a long walk once a week. You also get the chance to think and clear your head, so what’s not to like.

Sitting Down and Drinking Tea

Putting on the kettle and making a nice cup of tea is the natural response to a stressful situation for most of us, and I’m no different. It’s the classic relaxation method, and most of us do it every day, so there must be something in it, mustn't there?

And apparently, there is some scientific evidence to back it up too. A study found that drinking tea calms us by affecting our stress hormone levels. And it certainly makes me calmer, so I won’t argue with the science.

These are the ways I like to relax, how do you relax when you get the chance to?


  1. With the sea in front of you, the sound, a breeze, you must be able to relax.


  2. Yey for "me" time ;) We all need it to recharge and be the best person we can be! Continue to have a fun and beautiful life :)