Do It For Your Kids, Stop Smoking Now

Quitting anything is hard. If you’ve ever tried it you’ll know what I’m talking about. One of the hardest things to quit is cigarettes. Whether you’re a smoker or not, hopefully you can appreciate how difficult it is.

So what can you do about it? If you’re looking to quit, you’ve got a range of options out there. There’s a whole industry dedicated to nicotine replacement. Not only for quitting, but simply cutting out the cigarettes and getting the nicotine elsewhere.

It should be said that nicotine itself carries a number of risks. If eliminating health risks entirely is your goal, opt for getting off cigarettes as soon as you can. You could be doing it to set an example for your kids too.

Until then, let’s look at some methods of replacement.



People have been known to say gum chewing is a dirty habit. In the case of nicotine gum, it gives you the hit you need as well as stimulating your mouth. Some people who quit cigarettes often find themselves missing having something in their mouth.

The thing about nicotine gum is that it comes in a number of different strengths. Why is this? You’re supposed to step down the strength to wean yourself off of the nicotine.

Even if you don’t quit, this could be a good way to cut the nicotine consumption way down. If you’re perfectly happy with consuming nicotine as it is, just go for the strongest one you can get.


The new kid on the block. Vaporizers are an alternative to cigarettes rather than a tool for quitting. That said, they can be good in reducing nicotine amounts you are taking in. It might even happen without you noticing.

The main allure of vaporizers would be the health benefits compared to cigarettes. A close second would be the scented liquid used to create the vapor. You can get all kinds of smells, including classic sweet favorite rhubarb & custard e liquid.

You get the oral interaction and the nicotine hit. You also get the social part that comes with smoking. Nobody goes outside to chew gum with friends.

If you’re around other vapers, it’ll be just like having cigarettes inside. The plus side is that they don’t smell awful, and they don’t produce harmful second hand smoke.


Almost as old school as it gets for quitting. They’ve been around for quite some time. They’re not particularly good if you’re just wanting to cut down your nicotine intake. These are for people who really just want to quit.

Stop Altogether

If you’re up for a challenge, you can do this. It could take multiple tries and false starts before you manage to do it like this. Stopping complete is for people who really, really want to quit. I mean that too.

Don’t take it lightly. We’ll all seen people who say they can stop whenever they like fail. This requires extreme willpower and the removal of any and all temptation. It may even mean not associating with smoker friends and family for a little while.

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