Endless Fun with Imagination Wooden Blocks

Oh how I love kid's imagination! G's having a blast creating so many things I would never imagine creating myself with his Imagination Wooden Blocks. I'd say it's one of the best toys the hubby ever bought for him. Just in case you are unaware, wooden toys have many benefits for children. Spielgaben listed 15 of it with thorough explanation and I couldn't agree more.

G used the wooden blocks to build a bridge.

G used the wooden blocks to make a castle "tunnel" for his cars.

G used the wooden blocks to create a race track for his cars.
There are so much more of G's creative ideas on what to do with the blocks that I failed to capture with my phone camera but the most memorable conversation I had with him whilst playing with his blocks was when he joined two rectangular blocks with an arch carved on it (see the yellow blocks he used for his race track's start and finish line on the photo above?) and said, "Look, mom! It's a washing machine!"

I highly recommend all moms to indulge their young children with wooden blocks. It doesn't matter which brand you purchase as long as it is proven safe for your children, go and invest on it. Have fun playing!

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