Inspiring People: Doc Zen a.k.a. Kulasa

I am featuring my BFF/soul sister/twinzy/confidante today in honour of National Bestfriend's Day.

How do I begin to describe her? Be warned to be stunned, this woman as crazy as I am is actually a medical doctor by profession, a law student, a mom to two smart boys, and a wife to a Police Chief. Like myself, she moonlights as a blogger during her me-time at She writes by the pen name "Kulasa" and that just proves how humble and down to earth this superwoman is.

I met Doc Zen through the extinct Friendster. She sent me a friend's request twice because I ignored her the first time. I know, my bad right? How could I ignore her? Little did I know that she's an angel sent to me from heaven. We eventually "clicked", realized we are soul sisters so we started calling each other twinzy and the rest is history. I've only met her in person once but one thing I am certain, she is my bestfriend for life.

Here's the little interview I did for this amazing/awesome/superduper woMOM:

Cherry: Hi Twinzy, can you share with us when and how did you start blogging? What was your primary reason for setting up a blog when you started?

Twinzy: I started blogging way back "Friendster Days". My first ever blog was named August in November. Sigh, in all honesty it was inspired by a dear old friend. I kinda had an encounter after a long interlude with that someone who inspired me to scribble as a teen-age girl and voila I was thrown back to the world of writing. I set up a blog to pour out all my pent up emotions. It was more of a poetic home. I then met other bloggers on friendster, joined a group called Salitype, met my twinzy here of Sweet Memoirs and learned the ins and outs of blogging for a cause. I feel bad though that I lost extra time to write for Salitype where we had scholars whose schooling we supported through our blog earnings. A great influence to me is Betchai too of She practically taught me everything I know blogging wise. I continue to blog whenever time allows me simply for THE LOVE OF WRITING and helping others. I have been too blessed to be stressed the past years and my way of giving back just as twinzy Cher does is playing angel here and there. That's a secret by the way. LOL.

Cherry: If you are to give one piece of advice for someone planning to set up a blog or just starting out, what would it be? 

Twinzy: I wrote an intensive post to answer this question. Interested? You can read my serious first time blog setting up advise in this post - BLOGGING 101: Sharing My Blogging Happine$$ and More. To sum it up, setting a blog is easy. It's maintaining it - writing quality posts, getting over writer's block, promoting your articles and staying up to date with blogging trends that could tire you and make you give up blogging altogether. So it is highly important to LOVE WHAT YOU DO. Otherwise, everything will be exhausting. The most successful bloggers are the ones who do not do it for a living but simply live to enjoy sharing their thoughts. Aaaaaaah, makes me wish I had all the time in the world to just blog blog blog! Short piece of advice - JUST WRITE FROM THE HEART!

Cherry: Do you mind sharing with us your all-time favourite bloggers and tell us why you love reading their blogs?

Twinzy: Of course I recommend Sweet Memoirs and The Joys of Simple Life and Ruthi's Breathing Space - my blogging BFF's sites. Not just because the bloggers are my friends but because they all know how to share their blessings and that is what matters most in life - SHARING and CARING.

BONUS QUESTION: You are a mom of two active boys, you run a hospital as chief, you are a law student and a wife, how do you manage to balance everything?

Twinzy: I make it a point to sleep at least six to eight hours a day. I play when I can. I make a list of priorities each week. I laugh. I see to it that I spend ample time with the kiddos and the hubby. I try not to make enemies professionally which is such an ordeal you know. LOL. And I pray, pray as I breathe ALL THE TIME... IT IS NO SECRET - I'm a superwoman wanna be! *insert wink smily emoticon here*

Thank you so much Twinzypotsy for taking time to answer my questions and share your words of wisdom with Sweet Memoirs' readers despite being a busy bee. Keep inspiring people from all walks of life and stay as real and humble as you are! Yabyew always and forevah!!! 


  1. My desire to write is slowly awakening from its slumber thank you for inspiring me .

    1. Glad to hear that, Hermie! Thanks for dropping by. :)

  2. Awww...this is soo sweet! :) Now I miss my bestfriend! You're very blessed to have each other ;)

  3. Miss ko na si Doc Zen saka si Ate BeChai, bihira na lang sila magblog hehehe. Glad andyan ka pa sis.

  4. I wasn't aware that there is a Nation Bestfriend's Day. Your friend is amazing. I admire her for being able to do all those things.

  5. amazing!!! wow, you really can't tell who are or is your true friends until you mingle with someone whom you barely know and then you two have in comon.

  6. Wow! first time to know more about the true Doc Zen.. You are so blessed to have her as bestfriend. How I wish to find mine too.

  7. Aww... so sweet of you to honor your friend like this. :)

  8. I'm really glad that you found real friendship even with the limitation in distance. Yes, I agree Doc Zen is such a very nice person and that I can say that through the interactions made available through blogging groups.

  9. pssstttt finally found my way here :D what can I say? I am speechless and honored beyond description to by thy friend....sigh...our is I guess one great example of "on-line" beautifully made friendship and I love thee from A to Z mwahugs twinzypotsy! :)