Family Journal: Mama's Boy

Most of the time, I had no choice but to carry this 18kg cutiepatootie because he wants "Mama only!". It looks like I could carry him like I am a really strong mama (insert huge arm muscle emoticon here) but in reality, my back aches and my arms hurt everytime I put him down. You may say it's a sign of aging but really, carrying this ultra heavyweight boy isn't a breezy walk in the park like it seems to be.

In exactly a month from now, this certified Mama's Boy turns 4 years old. In my absolute delight, I am currently his favouritest human being on earth and I pray that I will continue to be the apple of his tantalizing eyes till he grows much older. I am cherishing every moment I spend with him even if he bullies and orders me a lot the moment I come home from work.

"Mama, I want to pee! Piggy Tiggy back!", he'd exclaim as he climbs behind my back and I'd obediently give him a piggy back ride to the restroom.

"Mama, are you done eating? I want to play with you!", he'd grumble as I try to eat my dinner as fast as I could.

"Mama only!", he'd protest when his dad or his big sister tries to carry him after I have complained to them that my back is already aching from carrying him.

"Good night, Mama! Sweet dreams! I love you so much! Tomorrow don't go to work, okay? Gian stay home, Mama stay home! Okay? Okay ma?", he'd say almost every single night.

"Mama, where are yooouuuuuu?", he'd shout from the living room as soon as he realized I am out of sight.

I tell you, mothers who complain they have lost their privacy completely after having a toddler aren't exaggerating. This boy follows me everywhere... in the kitchen, inside our room and yes, even in the shower! He'd knock and peep in the restroom door and ask, "Are you done?" while I do my best to shower or finish doing business as quick as I could.

I think I am going to miss having a toddler terribly. Despite being so cheeky and naughty at times, this boy have multiplied the size of my heart to infinity. I love how he says, "I love you, Mama! So much!" before he dozes off to sleep or anytime he feels like proclaiming his giant love for me. He'd also plead, "Mama, hold my hands. Don't let go okay?" while walking, be it in the mall or in the park.

Oh my heart! It's overflowing from all the purest love a toddler could offer.


  1. you are most certainly gonna miss those moments! I smile as I recall R sitting in a corner of the loo waiting for me as I pee not so long ago :)

    hmmm love love love your OOTD here :) and yep you look like one strong hotmamah! :)

  2. you're so pretty in that dress G, you're so blessed indeed to have that very cute and sweet toddler in your arms

  3. adorable, he is indeed a Mama's boy, you guy do bond more than his father. and the boy does need their mothers more when they are younger and girls needs their father more however i think later in time, it will change but still they will always be Mama's Boy.

  4. He is definitely a Mama's boy! I am sure you will miss that "pakarga kambing" whenever he is grown up hehehe.

  5. A cute mama's boy! My kids are like that, too, but you're really gonna miss it when they grow up. I know I will.

  6. Nothing wrong with that Sis :-) You look so pretty in that dress. What a very handsome son you have too.

  7. Enjoy those precious moments sis. 2 years from now baka, ayaw ng magpa-kiss sa iyo yan.

  8. Boys are sweet. My son is already 9, but he still wants Mommy to hug him, kiss him, say 'I love you' to him all the time, and he does the same to Mommy. I hope he never outgrows those endearing habits.