SEA Games Carnival

So happy that we managed to bring the kids at the SEA Games Carnival last week. It was a spur of the moment trip to check out the 28th SEA Games happenings and was relieved to have done it at night to avoid the scorching heat from Mr Sun at daytime. The only downside was, all tickets were sold out so we weren't able to watch any game nor was able to enter the dome. Nevertheless, G had a blast playing at the carnival before it closed for the night. 

Please allow me to blog ala fashion blogger for this post (all text at the top and all photos at the bottom since I am pressed with time. Enjoy the photos!

Photo opp with Nila, the official 28th SEA Games mascot

Giant Slide

Sports Bouncer

Arts and Craft area

Nila Castle

Ball Hunting

Rocky Mountain

The carnival is part of the recently concluded 28th SEA Games experience. The South East Asian Games returned to Singapore this year after a 22-year long hiatus. 

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