Thank You, Daddy

A Father's Day Message and Poem

We are so blessed you are our DAD
A day never passed without you letting us feel loved
You play with us the funnest games
We love how you chase and tickle us till we beg you to stop

Thank you DAD for holding our hands
To guide us and make us feel the warmth of your love
Thank you for always being there
As we grow up to be young explorers

We are so glad you are our DAD
You are one in a million, Pop!
When it comes to first class fathers,
You're the absolute cream of the crop.

You love us no matter what
Whether we are a goodie or a baddie;
We really love you, DAD
You're a fine and fantabulous daddy!

Third  and last stanza were written by Joanna Fuchs, a professional writer of poems, commentary and non-fiction. I took the liberty to edit her poem "Glad You're My Dad" to fit this entry.

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  1. psssttttt love love love your beautiful cherrific family! :) love the framing in the first photo ...all the photos actually because the love you pour into the hearts of these three precious ones shows in their smile and eyes :)