The Ultimate Step By Step Gift Buying Guide

A regular struggle in our yearly lives is buying people gifts. It’s not that we don’t want to buy other people gifts, it’s just a really hard task. Throughout the year, you’ll be required to buy many gifts for many occasions.

If it’s time for you to go gift shopping again, then follow this step by step gift buying guide:
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Step 1: Budget

Give yourself a budget, set a minimum and maximum price you’re willing to spend on a gift. This budget largely depends on who you’re buying gifts for, and what the occasion is. A gift for a work colleague’s birthday would need a smaller budget than a gift for your sisters wedding. Set your budget and it will narrow down what items you can and can’t afford.

Step 2: Who Are You Buying For?

The person you’re buying a gift for greatly determines the type of gift you buy. If you’re buying for your best friend, then you two may have a common interest that you’re both obsessed with. You can then base the gift around this. Buying for parents usually means you’re looking for gifts with more of a sentimental value. Everyone has their own unique tastes so have to take the time out to consider who you’re buying for.

Step 3: What’s The Occasion?

There are different gifts for different occasions. For instance, some 30th birthday gifts are going to be different to 80th birthday gifts, so bear that in mind. E.g. Skydiving is a great gift for someone’s 30th, but not ideal for someone turning 80. Gifts for significant birthdays/events are usually going to be a lot bigger than just your average birthday gift. They’re special occasions, so your gifts have to be extra special too.

Step 4: Think Of Previous Gifts

For birthdays, a handy trick can be to think about what you got them last year. I’m not suggesting that you go out and buy them the exact same thing; that would be stupid! But in some cases you can get them something similar to last year. Think about it, if you bought your brother an Xbox game last year, then why not buy him a different one this year? If you bought someone some earrings last year, why not buy them a different item of jewelry this year? It’s a simple way to get good gifts that you know they’ll enjoy. Which reminds me, if they didn’t like what you got them last year, then don’t get them a similar thing again!

Step 5: Ask Questions

The best way to know what someone wants as a gift is to ask them questions. There’s nothing wrong with flat out asking them what they want you to buy them; it could save you lots of time. The downside of this is that they’ll pretty much know what they’re getting from you - which can be a tad boring. If you want to surprise them then try asking subtle questions to see if they drop any hints. That way you know what they want, but they don’t know you’re going to get them it!

If you follow this step by step guide, then I can guarantee that gift buying will be much easier!

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