3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Instagram Photos

@sweetmemoirs current Instagram feed 
All thanks to Celine - The MeTime Wife's post How to Use Instagram to Tell Your Story, I started getting conscious of what I posts on Instagram. Based on my current feed, you can tell that it has greatly improved.

How did I make it happen? I followed these 3 simple steps:

1) Take candid shots
Candid shots tend to convey your story more meaningfully. Here, I captured my boy who was running excitedly towards the Band Stand during our nature date at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Have I asked him to stop and look at my camera phone's lense, the result would have been less meaningful. Cliche as it may sound but a picture does paint a thousand words, especially when it depicts a beautiful story.

2) Use natural light and white background when shooting
This i learned from the Make it Blissful (MIB) community that encourages everyone to shoot "Clean and Bright". MIB featured my photos twice on their feed which means i am starting to have a grip of it. Thanks to hubby's home office with lots of natural light streaming in, I started utilizing his white office table as shooting space when he's not at home.

3) Be creative
I don't have ample supply of creative juice but with all the inspirations readily available on Pinterest and Instagram, anyone can always come up with a creative shot. You don't have to copy one's beautiful work. Instead, make use of it as a source of inspiration to create your own masterpiece.

Go try these simple steps yourself and have fun shooting!


  1. ...will definitely follow your tips! I hope I don't get addicted :)

  2. Awwww.....thanks Cherry for featuring me! Love your photos too!! Always grateful our paths crossed! God bless you always.