3 Ways to Make Your Silver Jewelry Shine

Silver is a precious metal that has been used for many years to make fine pieces of jewelry. It may not be as precious as gold but it has its own charm and would you believe, health benefits? An article at linkedin.com written by Mandy listed 3 health benefits of wearing silver:
  • it is important for bone formation and healing, skin formation and repair
  • it can stimulate energy and helps you concentrate on your thoughts
  • it has a pain relief effect
Whether they are scientifically or medically proven, it doesn't hurt one to wear a good piece of silver jewelry. Here are ways to make your silver jewelry shine, metaphorically:

1) Use it for Dress Down Fridays
Dressings down is more fun with silver accessories, don't you think? It is good to invest in a classic charm bracelet and a simple silver necklace for your Dress Down Fridays. There are so many brands and nice designs, you are certainly spoilt for choice. 

2) Use it with a blue dress or gown
Photo credit: Chictopia
End result? Instant glamorous look! Statement silver-coloured necklaces spells love especially when paired with a royal blue dress. 

3) Use it like a rockstar
Photo credit: Pinterest
Do you have that inner rockstar in you? Go ahead and unleash it with the finest rockstar-ish silver accessory in your jewelry box. 

It is always good to have an assortment of jewelry. If you have never thought of investing on silver jewelry before, you can check out this large collection of silver-coloured jewelry online and start deciding which one to buy for your next dressing up adventure. 

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  1. Hmmmm of course I am a Rockstar too LOL! Makes me think of investing on silver :)