4 Common Fashion Styles for Ladies

Do you have any specific signature fashion style or are you the kind who would love to experiment on different fashion styles according to your mood or occasion? Geez, that question made me think not just twice but thrice. I think it's best that we dig deeper about the common fashion styles so that we'd be able to pin point our preferred or existing fashion style.

Let's get started! In my opinion, here are the 4 most common fashion styles that ladies love:

Photo credit: Tumblr
This has got to be on top of the list, don't you think so too? If your aim is to exude simple elegance through your outfit, go classic. I am no fashion expert but one can never go wrong with classic fashion pieces like ballet flats, nude pumps, leather boots, a loose or wide-legged trouser, a nice fitting jeans, white shirt and button-down blouses. Classic style spells comfort and expresses a sense of stability through a breathable fabric of good quality and superb, clean tailoring.

Kate Moss, Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Anniston, Victora Beckham, Blake Lively are just a few of the most popular celebrities that are often described as chic. Their sense of fashion spells trendy and fashionable which the word chic itself is commonly associated with. Chic fashion style boasts stylish designs that are considered striking and smart.

If you are naturally drawn to exotic patterns and textures, your style is most likely Boho-inspired. Think about tie dye jeans, peasant blouses in cool print or vivid colour, multiple-layered neck pieces, tassles, head scarves and hippy ponchos. If they have one thing in common, it's Bohemian baby! If you are not into traditional fashion styles, go Bohemian!


If you love wearing clothes in loud colours (think neon), most likely your fashion style is flamboyant. This style fits ladies that are full of energy and quite outgoing. Flamboyant style is flasy and outlandish. It is often associated with asymmetrical, bright multi-coloured, exaggerated flouncing and splashy.

Based on the descriptions above, I think my preferred fashion style is classic and chic. How about you?


  1. Yup, classic always tops my list. There are times though, that I go for the Bohemian look.

  2. My fashion style is classic and chic. I chose two since my fashion for the day depends on my mood... I am sure that I don't have the flamboyant style because I don't like to wear eye catching colors :) Most of the time, I just love to wear simple yet elegant :)

  3. I like chic and bohemian style, although it's not my style but I like ither people in it. I am on a simple style kind of a gal.

  4. I prefer classic and sporty, anything comfortable :)

  5. I am hopefully a mix of everything. What I can confidently say is that majority of my clothes are thrifted or second-hand. The options are much limited though but I'm happier. We don't spend a lot plus I'm helping the environment by recycling other people's clothes.

  6. I'm trying so hard to be in the fashion world, but I guess I have my own unique ways and this 4 ways is indeed nice.. I have to say I am probably be bohemian

  7. classic suits my taste but chic style will do too.